My Day With Davy Crockett by Morgan

My Day With Davy Crockett

On a nice spring day, me, Davy and Georgie Russel were riding through the woods toward Davy’s house to say bye to his two kids and his lovely wife, Polly. When we arrived Polly came out and threw her arms around Davy. “Davy, promise me that you won’t be gone very long,” she pleaded. “Well, don’t you worry. I’ll be back before you know it,” said Davy. Next thing I knew Russel was sitting on a log and — this was the scariest thing I ever saw– Davy was standing in front of a HUGE BLACK BEAR!!!

My eyes almost bulged out of my head when I saw that Davy was armed with only a knife. And to make matters worse, it was still in its sheath as he was face-to-face with the bear. I was just about to start running and screaming until Russel grabbed me and covered my mouth. “Don’t make a single move, kid,” he said.

“Where is Crockett?” We saw a boat moving up the river that was in front of us. It had four soldiers rowing it, with Major Norton in the front of it. “Where is Crockett?” he barked. Russel held up his hand in a signal of silence. “Speak up, man,” he barked again. Russel pointed at Davy, staring right at the bear’s eyes. Major Norton’s eyes almost bulged out of his head the same way mine did. He instantly pulled out his pistols. The bear ran into a huge tangle of bushes. BLAM BLAM!!! Davy turned on Norton, who was getting out of the boat, looking very angry. “Oh now you gone and done it,” he said angrily, taking his knife out of its sheath and plunging into the bushes after the bear. The bushes shook like wild fire. Growls and snarls filled the air. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” I screamed. “It’s going to jump out and kill us all!”

Only Davy came out of the bushes with his knife dripping blood. He wiped it on his pant legs and said, “Now what do you need, Major?” “Get back to camp immediately!” Norton replied, with a snap instead of a bark.

Eleven minutes later four men were carrying Davy’s bear into camp. It was getting late by that time, but no one noticed except me. Sergeant Cameron was waiting in his tent when me, Davy & Russel went inside. There he was, a tall, strong man sitting on a chair. “Crocket, you and a platoon of men are going to go aid General Jackson and his men. They’re fighting Creek Indians.” “Well, ok,” I said. “Wait a minute -!” said Russel. “Let him come” said Davy quietly. “Ok,” Russel replied.

A few minutes later, we were fighting in a battle. I tried as best I could to help. When an Indian came in front of a soldier, I’d throw a rock at him. At the end of the battle, Davy beat the living daylights out of two Indians at the same time IN A HAND TO HAND FIGHT! After the battle we returned to camp and went to sleep. It had been a very long day.

Morgan (9) wrote this for a lapbook we did on Early American History. It’s the lapbook we got from Hands of a Child.
He had to write about a day with Davy Crockett. He read an old Disney book about Davy Crockett, and developed his story based on that. He started out writing it by hand but was struggling with the handwriting part and his hand hurt, so I let him switch to computer. He needed practice with keyboarding and word processing anyway. 🙂

I had to do quite a bit of editing for spelling and punctuation, but the words are all his.

I thought he did an excellent job, so I wanted to share it with all of you!

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