Welcome to This Journey of Love


  • Welcome to my world!

    I hope you’ll stay.

    Since Father’s love changed me

    I have something to say.

  • The One who loves me,

    See, He also loves you

    The things He’s done for me

    He will do for you, too.

  • So come with me

    As I follow the Lamb

    Wherever He goes.

    My life’s in His hand.

  • I trust Him and follow Him

    No matter the cost.

    Without His great love for me

    I would be lost.

  • The words that you find here

    I hope will breathe life.

    In each day and moment

    You’ll find His delight.

  • For surely His love for you

    Is greater than you know.

    Come with me now

    To His presence we’ll go.


  • Changed By Love and Still Changing

    York, Pennsylvania 2011


    Katy, Texas 2012

    Mary Jo Peckham Park


    Katy, TX 2013 Mary Jo Peckham Park



    Katy, TX Honey Farm, 2014


    Katy, TX Honey Farm, 2015

    Katy, TX – MKT Railroad Park Caboose and Depot, 2017

    Katy, TX – Heritage Park, 2020

    Hi, I’m Penney Douglas. I have been married to my precious husband for 33 years. We have been exceedingly and abundantly blessed with 10 children. They all belong to me and my husband. And to think that I was afraid I would never get married! I got a late start (married at 25 and first child at 27), but I guess late bloomers can blossom profusely once they get started.

    I blog for several reasons. I like to keep a record of what we’re doing in our homeschooling and share ideas for other homeschoolers or moms who like to work and play with their kids. I try to encourage families to keep Christ first in their homes so they can be all that they were made to be. I want to help others to draw closer to God. I hope to glorify God and give Him praise for all that He does for us.

    I am constantly learning, changing and growing. Sometimes I feel like a beginner even though I’ve been a Christian since I was 4 years old and I’ve been homeschooling for about 25 years. And I’ve been living for __ years (long enough!).

    But the Lord has been faithful to keep me and my family on an upward climb drawing nearer to Him in spite of our weaknesses and mistakes.

    He has led us on a crooked path across the United States and back and then some. (From Ohio to Kansas City to Arizona to Colorado, back to Kansas City to Illinois to Pennsylvania and now to Texas!) We are still looking for that place to call home. We hope to find it before the oldest chicks are ready to fly from the nest! But our desire is that they land somewhere near us even when that time comes.

    We are believing God for miracles of provision. We have already seen many. We suffered the loss of our home 16 years ago. Now we live in a different state, and my husband is making more money than ever before. But the money is beside the point. What God did in each of our hearts, convincing us of His reality and His love for us, is worth more than all of the houses or money in the world. But now He has enabled us to help others in need, and we are grateful for the opportunity to bless others.

    Our children are truly gifts from God. They learn from us and teach us so much. I would never have known even a fraction of how much God loves me if I had never had the opportunity to be a mother to my precious children. They are teaching me even more as they grow in wisdom and understanding and we share together what the Lord is teaching us.

    Family was God’s idea. Marriage was His idea. God has good ideas. His ideas work.

    He wants our families to be training grounds for children (and adults) to learn His ways and right ways of relating to God and to people. We learn how to die to ourselves when others are dependent on us, and when we have to learn to get along with the people around us in order to experience peace and harmony. The rough edges are rubbed off as we care enough to be honest with each other and humble ourselves to receive correction even from those younger than ourselves.

    God created us because He wanted a family. That’s more than a trite saying. He created us in His image so that He could have sons and daughters that would look like Him, act like Him and love Him. He wanted to be a father.

    He created you so He could love you. Receive His love for you. Let Him be your Daddy.

    Functional Family Schooling


    Family is the building block of society

    It starts at home.
    What starts at home?
    Everything in a person’s life!

    There are SO many things that children learn at home from their parents and from living in a family.

    Children learn at home how to:

    – treat people well
    – love unconditionally
    – forgive
    – walk in love
    – walk in truth
    – walk in the Spirit.

    They learn proper ways to handle conflict.

    They learn:
    – respect
    – honor
    – obedience
    – trust
    – unselfishness
    – servanthood
    – leadership
    – independence
    – self-control
    – sharing
    – loving others more than themselves
    – taking care of those who are younger or weaker and teaching them
    – working together as a team
    – how to make the family successful and a pleasant place to dwell together in unity and mutual respect and love.

    After providing our children with this knowledge and skillset, we send them out into society prepared and equipped and ready to bring benefit and add value everywhere they go. They shine the light of Jesus and preach the Gospel – in word and in deed.

    This is how we set them up for a successful Christian life.

    In a homeschooling context, what do we teach and how do we go about planting these values in the hearts of our children?

    There are many important avenues for teaching these kinds of ideas and values.

    Some of these are tying heart strings, building the family that you want, teaching how to do relationships the right way, and prophetic parenting.

    Let’s start with tying heart strings. How do we draw our children close to us? We must do the obvious things like spending time with them and encouraging them and treating them with love and respect. But we also need to share our experiences with them and let them see that we are human and understand how they feel. Of course, we have to make sure that they are at an age and developmental level that is appropriate for whatever topic we are addressing. For instance, if we want to teach our child about compassion, we might share a story of a time we forgave someone for something that was very hard to forgive and reached out in an act of kindness. But if they are too young to understand, we should save that topic for a later date when they are developmentally able to understand that level of forgiveness and compassion.

    When it comes to correction and discipline, we should make sure that we have deposited enough love, warmth and affirmation along the way. Then when they need correction it is easier for them to receive it from us without feeling condescended to or rejected. They need to feel like they are understood and that we are not asking anything of them that they are not capable of. We need to make sure they see us as a loving parent who wants what is best for them and not a harsh ruler on a power trip. And that shapes their fundamental beliefs about authority and its true purpose. And the upside is we keep the connection and preserve a good relationship with the child.

    The heartstrings get cut when we react toward our children in anger, frustration, or irritation. When we react out of negative emotions, such as frustration, we cause them to fear us. Correction becomes something to avoid, which can lead to dishonesty and hiding. Yelling and snapping at them is never beneficial in any way. If we do lose our temper, we need to go to the child and apologize. We are setting an example for them in everything we do. And we should be teaching them how to preserve connection with other people even in times of conflict.

    Build the family that you want. Read, research, and raise your children in the ways of the Lord. Read good books about the importance of family and how to raise a godly family. Set the tone and the ground rules in your home for a pleasant, safe, and fun experience for everyone in your family. If you want to build a Christian family, then do the Christian disciplines alongside your children. Pray together as a family. Read the Bible and discuss it together. Go to church together or worship together at home. Do service activities together as a family. Practice hospitality and invite guests for meals, and have the children help with preparation, serving, and entertaining the guests. If other values are important to you, build those into your routines, your family culture, and the conversation in your home. Your family will have their own unique culture. Talk about it with your children and emphasize that they belong to a family that has specific values and goals, and that each person is important and needed. Help them to feel proud of being a part of this amazing family that God has put them into.

    Teach them how to build good relationships. The skills for building good relationships are learned at home. Our children learn to share, compromise, negotiate, forgive, apologize, and redirect attention through their interactions with siblings and with their parents. In homeschool families, we don’t send our children out to figure out on their own how to deal with bullying or other immature and harmful behaviors that are inevitable among groups of children. Help them choose good friends and help them through conflicts and disagreements that arise in those relationships, too.

    We can also practice prophetic parenting. When you pray for your children, ask God to show you what He wants you to say to them and how He wants you to guide them into His path for their lives. Ask the Lord for words of wisdom, words of knowledge, and actual prophetic words to speak over their lives and to speak to them so that they can experience for themselves God speaking to them. This will help you to be sure that you are giving them good guidance, and it will encourage them to ask God to speak to them personally.

    Homeschooling is more than giving our children an academic education at home. It’s more than making sure that we provide the best curriculum and materials and learning experiences for them. If we do it right, we will teach them character, integrity, honesty, and consideration for others. We will help them to become well-rounded people who will become excellent friends, spouses, leaders, and citizens.  Familyschooling is more likely to produce these results. So many important skills and values are learned through a strong family that is committed to loving each other and learning together how to handle adversity and leaning on each other when they need help. Strong families build strong people. And strong people build strong communities. And strong communities build a strong society. Your family is that important. Make it a priority to steward it well.

    Newsletter for March

    Greetings from Ohio,

    Ohio has become famous! Everybody’s talking about Ohio. We are on the opposite side of the state from East Palestine, Ohio, but I’m not sure if we have been affected or not by the chemicals they released into the air and the water. I’m praying for the water and air in Ohio and the surrounding states. It could be the worst disaster in America, but the media is not covering it. President Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio while Biden went to Ukraine.

    Another big thing that is happening, which is much more positive, is the revival at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY. It has gone for 10 days at the time I’m writing this (2/20/23), but the university president has decided that they need to shut down the main building for anyone except young people for the next week. Revivals are breaking out all over the place, many sparked by the revival at Asbury. These are places that have revivals breaking out:

    1. Asbury
    2. The Ramp
    3. Jackson Georgia High School
    4. Cedarville University (Ohio)
    5. Ohio Christian University
    6. Lee University (Tennessee)
    7. Bethel – Austin, TX
    8. Park Hill, Missouri
    9. Indiana Wesleyan University
    10. The Gate – Charlotte, NC
    11. Kingsway – Birmingham, AL
    12. Kingdom Life – Waterville, Maine
    13. Israel
    14. Uganda
    15. University of Kentucky
    16. EKU (Eastern Kentucky)
    17. KCU (Kentucky Christian)
    18. Christ for the Nations – Dallas, TX
    19. Radiant church Kalamazoo, Michigan.
    21. River church Nortonville, Kentucky.
    22. Christ fellowship church Dawsonville, Georgia.
    23. Life in Christ church Marion, Kentucky
    24. Belmont University Nashville, Tennessee
    25. New Zealand.
    26. São Luís, Brazil
    27.Mazatlán Mexico
    28. Radiant Church Richland, Kentucky.
    29. Pulse Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    30. Sunshine Coast, Australia
    31. Melbourne, Victoria

    We’ve been praying for a move of God among the young people, especially since we saw the outbreaks of violence in Minneapolis and the riots by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. As I watched the riots, I felt such a sorrow for this generation of young people. They have been so confused and mixed up because of the teaching at school about gender “fluidity” and CRT, among other false and dangerous teachings that have been a part of public education for a long time. The messages coming out of Hollywood, social media, the news media, TV, and the policies of businesses, the medical field, and even churches have left young people without an anchor for morality, and they are hopeless and angry. When I saw the riots happening, I felt their confusion and realized how deceived they have been. So I am so excited to see this revival breaking out in the colleges among the young people.

    Dinesh D’Souza has reported that millions of Muslims are converting to Christianity. This has never happened before, and the astounding explanation given by many converts is that they are seeing visions and dreams of Jesus.

    Switching gears, let’s talk about some international leaders who are making a lot of sense.


    In a recent speech, Putin said about the Western nations:

    – “See what they do with their own peoples – the destruction of the family, cultural and national identity, perversion, mockery of children and pedophilia are declared the norm.”

    – “Look at the Holy Scriptures…the family is a union of a man and a woman.”

    – “The Anglican Church, for example, considers the idea of a gender-neutral God…forgive us, Lord, for they don’t know what they do.”

    – “We must protect our children.”

    This is why the Global Satanic Pedophile Cabal hates Putin!

    President Putin has been speaking out against the New World Order and their promotion of pedophilia for years.

    Putin, like Trump, is a Christian, a nationalist, a staunch anti-globalist/NWO and an outspoken critic of pedophilia. During Putin’s 2016 Christmas speech, something you’ll never see in the MSM, he spoke out against the New World Order agenda to promote pedophilia. He stated that Western culture is promoting that “faith in God is equal to faith in Satan”. Putin said this about pedophilia:

    “The excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these countries indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimization of parties that promote the propaganda of pedophilia.”


    Russian President making a landmark speech in Moscow:

    Putin: “We are not at war with the people of Ukraine, they became hostages of the Kiev regime and Western masters who occupied this country.”

    Putin : the promises and statements of Western rulers turned into forgery and cruel lies. The West supplied weapons, trained the nationalist battalions. Even before the start of the SMO, negotiations were underway on the supply of air defense systems and aircraft. We remember Kyiv’s attempts to obtain nuclear weapons.

    Putin: The United States deployed bases and biological laboratories near our borders, mastered the theater of military operations, prepared Ukraine for a big war.

    Putin: while Donbass was on fire and blood was shed, and Russia was sincerely striving for a peaceful solution, the West was playing on people’s lives, playing with “marked cards”. They behaved the same way, destroying Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria. The concept of honor and decency is not for them.

    Putin: in response, we received an indistinct, hypocritical reaction. NATO expanded to our borders, new missile defense position areas were created.

    Putin : they spare no expense to encourage unrest and coups around the world. At a conference in Munich, Russia was blamed so that everyone would forget what the West had done in recent decades. Entire regions are in chaos. American experts say that as a result of the wars unleashed by the United States after 2001, more than 900 thousand people died, more than 38 million became refugees.

    Putin : Recently, one of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was given the name “Edelweiss” as a Nazi division that participated in the deportation of Jews, executions of prisoners of war, and punitive operations. SS chevrons are very popular in Ukraine. Wehrmacht marks are applied to the equipment.

    Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order

    Mar-a-Lago, FL—President Donald J. Trump unveiled his new plan to stop out-of-control crime and keep all Americans safe. In his first term, President Trump reduced violent crime and stood strongly with America’s law enforcement. On Joe Biden’s watch, violent crime has skyrocketed and communities have become less safe as he defunded, defamed, and dismantled police forces.

    “Joe Biden and the ‘Defund the Police’ Democrats have turned our once great cities into cesspools of bloodshed and crime,” President Trump said.

    President Trump’s Plan to Keep American Communities Safe

    1. President Trump will sign a record investment in hiring, retention, and training for police officers. The bill will increase vital liability protections for America’s law enforcement officers.

    2. President Trump will require local law enforcement agencies receiving DOJ grants to return to proven policing measures such as stop-and-frisk, strictly enforcing existing gun laws, cracking down on the open use of illegal drugs, and cooperating with ICE to arrest and deport criminal aliens.

    3. President Trump will take on the radical Marxist prosecutors who have abolished cash bail and refuse to charge criminals. President Trump will direct the DOJ to open civil rights investigations into radical leftist prosecutor’s officers, such as those in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to determine whether they have illegally engaged in race-based law enforcement.

    4. President Trump will instruct the Department of Justice to dismantle every gang, street crew, and drug network in America. President Trump has also called for the death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers.

    5. President Trump has committed to deploying federal assets, including the National Guard, to restore law and order when local law enforcement refuses to act.

    6. President Trump will order the Education and Justice Departments to overhaul federal standards on disciplining minors.

    7. Finally, President Trump will sign concealed carry reciprocity legislation, fully secure the border, dramatically increase interior enforcement, and wage war on the cartels.

    DID YOU KNOW: Blue Cross Blue Shield pays pediatricians a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2.

    BUT pediatricians lose the whole bonus unless at least 63% of patients are fully vaccinated, and that includes the flu vaccine.

    How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?

    And here’s a bit of true history that you have probably never heard. I hadn’t!


    It’s on Telegram, so hopefully you have an account there or will get one.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~HOMESCHOOL CORNER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Here’s a tip for getting everything done:
    As a mom of 10 kids who has homeschooled all the way through, I have found some tips and tricks that have helped me maneuver the MANY trials and tribulations that come with having everybody at home ALL the time.

    Keep things simple.

    Relax your expectations.

    Make your expectations known to your children.

    Enlist the help of your children.

    Enlist the help of your husband and other family and friends.

    Keep God in the center of all you do and spend time with Him at the beginning of each day.

    This is taken from my new book that will be coming out soon, “Dear Struggling Homeschool Mom, I See You”.

    Jessica Anderson and I are currently accepting new members in our Intentional Homeschool Planning Community Membership group. We would love to have you join us if you need fellowship with and encouragement from real moms with years of experience homeschooling. We have a wonderful close-knit group that is very welcoming to new members. We have all seen great fruit from our time together. We get together 3 or 4 times a month for different purposes. We have coaching, accountability, and a fun time for our kids. If you are tired of trying to homeschool on your own without being able to talk to anybody who understands, please give us a try.

    We also have a wonderful Book Club where we read books about homeschooling, parenting, and family management. Join us this month for the book “Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World” by Kristen Welch.

    I have started a store at Teachers Pay Teachers for my curriculum HERE

    One thing that I have recently created that you may not know about is a Gratitude and Listening Prayer Journal. You can find it HERE. It is a journal with pages for counting your blessings and keeping your eyes on what God has been doing for you. But there are also pages that you can use to write down your prayers and what you hear God saying to you.

    Thanks for reading!
    Blessings from Safe Haven Homeschooling!

    Penney Douglas, B.S. in Ed.

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    February Newsletter


    Dear Safe Haven Family,

    I hope you’re all experiencing the hope and anticipation of what God is about to do.

    My family is preparing for the good things that are coming. Our story is like the first verses of Psalm 40:

    “I waited and waited and waited some more, patiently, knowing God would come through for me. Then, at last, He bent down and listened to my cry. He stooped down to lift me out of danger from the desolate pit I was in, out of the muddy mess I had fallen into. Now He’s lifted me up into a firm, secure place and steadied me while I walk along His ascending path.”

    If you haven’t heard our story, you may wonder what I’m talking about. We’ve been waiting for a home. We’ve been believing for a miracle, a change in fortune for a long time. For 18 years we’ve been praying and believing for a settled place that is truly ours. My husband, Gary, and I wanted more from life than a powerless Christianity and the “American Dream”. So we prayed some dangerous prayers. We told God that we would only do what He told us to do. We came to the conclusion that if we didn’t fulfill what He called us to do, then what was the use of our living? I realized that if we wanted the power to do miracles and to change and impact lives, we would need to go through a baptism of fire. My book is called “Refined By Fire” for a reason! For the rest of the story, read my book here.

    In the meantime, I have some good news to share with you. There are ways to reduce the effects of the vaccine. You may have heard of Ivermectin. It was demonized and suppressed during the plandemic, but it really works against covid. It’s a de-wormer, yes, so what does that tell you about the “disease”. Ivermectin also kills cancer cells. And it cures Lyme disease. Other treatments that are very effective are hydroxychloroquine, quercetin, zinc, and vitamin D. Dr. Judy Mikovits says that we can detox from the vax and protect from shedding using the same protocols for treating the virus itself. If you have a healthy immune system, your body will degrade the particles from the vaccine. She says that some things we can do are to never wear another mask, and never get another shot. She says that we should not stay away from people who took the shot but hug them and let it build our immune system. You can learn more about this from Dr. Judy here. Dirt Road Discussions on Telegram has lots of good information about Ivermectin, too. You can order it from this site.

    Eggs have become controversial! And it’s about more than the age-old question about what came first – the chicken or the egg. It’s about whether eggs are healthy or deadly.

    Have you noticed all of the egg farms that are burning? Why do you think this is happening? Somebody is trying to get rid of the chickens AND the eggs. They say they have to kill the chickens because of avian flu, and I’ve seen fake articles claiming that eggs cause blood clots!

    But the truth is:

    Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgYs) block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2 spike
    protein variants to human ACE2.

    But beware of eggs from chickens that are eating feed with the same RNA technology that is in the vaccines.

    Tractor Supply chicken feed is reportedly causing egg-laying to stop. What! Can you believe it?

    So make sure you get your eggs from a local farmer and find out what kind of feed they are using.

    It looks like they will get us one way or another, doesn’t it?

    However, things are not as bad as they appear. NWO and WEF have their plans, but God is running His own plan. And it’s a good one.

    If you want to find out more about what is REALLY happening you can go to:

    Amysever.com. Check out the Units on her website and her daily broadcast M-F.


    and Freedomforce.live

    ~Homeschool Corner~

    Do you feel lost when it comes to homeschooling? Do you question your decisions about curriculum? Do you know how you should schedule your days? Do you feel confident in your ability to teach your children? Do you know ways to help your children learn with less effort and better comprehension and retention?

    I have helped lots of homeschoolers with getting started with homeschooling, choosing curriculum, adapting their teaching methods, and understanding what’s going on with their kids.

    I can help you to relax and simplify so that you feel confident that you are teaching well and your children are learning well – without the fear and stress and striving to reproduce the classroom approach at home. Fearless Homeschooling will help you to enjoy your homeschooling days and years and keep doing it for as long as you feel it is the best thing for your family.

    I put together this course with my son for new homeschool moms and for moms who feel like they have been homeschooling unsuccessfully. My son graduated from homeschooling and is now in ministry with his wife reaching out to Gen Z helping them to overcome issues that are unique to their generation. He recorded the videos with me, sharing his thoughts about homeschooling and about what he has learned from it and from his further studies in sociology, psychology, and Meta-learning (learning about learning).

    This course will help you to gain confidence and lose fear in your homeschool.

    One homeschool mom who took this course said:

    “When I watched your videos, I either cried or breathed a huge sigh of relief. I think I literally cried! The reason was because you didn’t have the air of superiority. I felt that you were supporting and empowering the listener. I looooooved that! It can’t be overstated. 💖💖💖💖 I did find that it was a good antidote against self-doubt and anxiety. A lot of what you said was confirmation and then there was always something new I would learn too.”

    The Basics of Learning and Homeschooling – Gain Confidence and Lose Fear in Your Homeschool


    Angel’s conference is coming up in one month, and there are only 5 spots left. The conference is called “She’s Called Forth”. If you want to learn how to better engage the battlegrounds in your life, sign up today! You can check out all of the details about the conference here:

    Please note that if you are coming with a friend, you can room together. Just let us know in the order notes when you register.

    Coming alone? DO NOT WORRY!! You’ll be in the company of sisters that have been praying for you and are ready to meet you! You won’t leave as strangers. Angel is so thankful to witness how the relationships between the ladies have blossomed over this past year. It’s truly a God-thing.

    I hope you will consider going if you’re anywhere close to Atlanta and need a fresh touch from God.

    May you all be safe in His arms, free from all care,

    Peace and Love,

    Penney Douglas, B.S. in Ed.
    Safe Haven Homeschooling

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