Welcome to This Journey of Love


  • Welcome to my world!

    I hope you’ll stay.

    Since Father’s love changed me

    I have something to say.

  • The One who loves me,

    See, He also loves you

    The things He’s done for me

    He will do for you, too.

  • So come with me

    As I follow the Lamb

    Wherever He goes.

    My life’s in His hand.

  • I trust Him and follow Him

    No matter the cost.

    Without His great love for me

    I would be lost.

  • The words that you find here

    I hope will breathe life.

    In each day and moment

    You’ll find His delight.

  • For surely His love for you

    Is greater than you know.

    Come with me now

    To His presence we’ll go.


  • Changed By Love and Still Changing

    York, Pennsylvania 2011


    Katy, Texas 2012

    Mary Jo Peckham Park


    Katy, TX 2013 Mary Jo Peckham Park



    Katy, TX Honey Farm, 2014


    Katy, TX Honey Farm, 2015

    Katy, TX – MKT Railroad Park Caboose and Depot, 2017

    Katy, TX – Heritage Park, 2020

    Hi, I’m Penney Douglas. I have been married to my precious husband for 33 years. We have been exceedingly and abundantly blessed with 10 children. They all belong to me and my husband. And to think that I was afraid I would never get married! I got a late start (married at 25 and first child at 27), but I guess late bloomers can blossom profusely once they get started.

    I blog for several reasons. I like to keep a record of what we’re doing in our homeschooling and share ideas for other homeschoolers or moms who like to work and play with their kids. I try to encourage families to keep Christ first in their homes so they can be all that they were made to be. I want to help others to draw closer to God. I hope to glorify God and give Him praise for all that He does for us.

    I am constantly learning, changing and growing. Sometimes I feel like a beginner even though I’ve been a Christian since I was 4 years old and I’ve been homeschooling for about 25 years. And I’ve been living for __ years (long enough!).

    But the Lord has been faithful to keep me and my family on an upward climb drawing nearer to Him in spite of our weaknesses and mistakes.

    He has led us on a crooked path across the United States and back and then some. (From Ohio to Kansas City to Arizona to Colorado, back to Kansas City to Illinois to Pennsylvania and now to Texas!) We are still looking for that place to call home. We hope to find it before the oldest chicks are ready to fly from the nest! But our desire is that they land somewhere near us even when that time comes.

    We are believing God for miracles of provision. We have already seen many. We suffered the loss of our home 16 years ago. Now we live in a different state, and my husband is making more money than ever before. But the money is beside the point. What God did in each of our hearts, convincing us of His reality and His love for us, is worth more than all of the houses or money in the world. But now He has enabled us to help others in need, and we are grateful for the opportunity to bless others.

    Our children are truly gifts from God. They learn from us and teach us so much. I would never have known even a fraction of how much God loves me if I had never had the opportunity to be a mother to my precious children. They are teaching me even more as they grow in wisdom and understanding and we share together what the Lord is teaching us.

    Family was God’s idea. Marriage was His idea. God has good ideas. His ideas work.

    He wants our families to be training grounds for children (and adults) to learn His ways and right ways of relating to God and to people. We learn how to die to ourselves when others are dependent on us, and when we have to learn to get along with the people around us in order to experience peace and harmony. The rough edges are rubbed off as we care enough to be honest with each other and humble ourselves to receive correction even from those younger than ourselves.

    God created us because He wanted a family. That’s more than a trite saying. He created us in His image so that He could have sons and daughters that would look like Him, act like Him and love Him. He wanted to be a father.

    He created you so He could love you. Receive His love for you. Let Him be your Daddy.

    Praying for Your Family This Christmas

    Praying for your family this Christmas

    If you believe in the power of prayer and want to do more of it, even during the busiest times of life, I have a book that will help you do it.

    And right now you can get the e-book FREE through Dec. 28th! It’s called “Short, Powerful Prayers for Busy Homeschool Moms”.


    Just click on the above link and order the e-book. You will get it for free!

    You can share this link with anyone that you think would benefit from this book of prayers for your family.

    It’s targeted specifically to homeschool moms, but all moms would find most of the prayers applicable to their lives and needs. Moms are the gatekeepers for their families. This book will help you with that high calling.

    There are prayers for mom’s needs, children’s needs, peace in the home, marriage, and homeschooling.

    Jessica Anderson at Intentionalinlife.com interviewed me here:

    It’s basically a book of prayers for families.

    And it’s in a format that is quick, easy, and convenient for the busiest of moms.

    So click on the link and get your FREE e-book right now before the special ends at midnight on Dec. 28th!

    Have a Blessed Christmas!


    Penney Douglas
    Safe Haven Homeschooling


    Homeschool Resources for the HOLIDAYS and All Year Long


    If you’re looking for homeschool resources for the holidays and all year long, you can find good stuff here. Curriculum, books for homeschool moms, and a comprehensive list of activities for Holiday School. There’s even an e-course for new homeschool moms to learn important principles of learning to help them teach their children in the most effective way.


    Penney Douglas Author Page on Amazon – my books

    Safe Haven Homeschool Author Page on Amazon – my curriculum

    Fun Ways to Homeschool Through the Holidays – December


    It’s Time to Celebrate! Newsletter for December


    Here’s the latest newsletter from Safe Haven Homeschooling, the monthly newsletter I send out.

    A little bit of news and a lot of encouragement!

    Here’s the link:

    You’ve Made it This Far!

    Or read it here:

    Safe Haven Newsletter for December 2021

    Welcome to December!

    We have made it to the last month of 2021. Personally, I am believing for a grand finale for 2021. Things have nowhere to go but up, don’t you agree? And I’m not talking about gas and grocery prices!

    Believe it or not, I’m encouraged by the signs I’m seeing. The old system has to crash so that we can set up a new, more secure system with no corruption. I know that sounds impossible, but all the signs are pointing to it.

    Our family is celebrating the season by singing! My daughter, Anna, and I are singing with the Katy Vocal Express, a Sweet Adelines chorus. The style of music is Women’s Barbershop. We will perform at least once during the holiday season.

    My son, Garrett, is singing a solo and doing a monologue for a theater class he’s taking. He is doing very well, especially for never singing in front of anybody before! His performance will be on Dec.13, and I’m so excited!

    I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but I have an Author Page on Amazon that has all of the books that I’ve written. This is the link: 

    Penney Douglas’s Author Page

    I have also written some curriculum that is listed on Amazon. It is mostly journal style and goes along well with the Charlotte Mason narration method, but anyone could use it. If you would like to add some different, fresh curriculum to your homeschool schedule, these would be very helpful to add to your Language Arts curriculum plans. They offer great reading and writing activities as well as encouraging deeper thinking and creativity.

    My Author Page for Curriculum is here.


    I have a YouTube channel that has many videos about beginning and basic homeschooling principles that will help new homeschoolers and experienced homeschoolers alike. Get educated, Mom, about how kids learn best, so you can provide the best learning experience for your children!

    Safe Haven Homeschooling YouTube channel!

    And the last thing I want to tell you about is a Google doc that I created for Homeschooling through the month of December, incorporating the magic and fun of the Holidays and fun ways to learn together. Please help yourself to this plethora of links and ideas!

    Fun Ways to Homeschool Through the Holidays – December

    I hope that you and your family will have a beautiful holiday season this year. I pray for our economy and the prosperity of your family and friends, so that this season can be wonderful for your children.

    Plus, I pray that our eyes will be on Jesus, the real meaning of the season, and that we will lead our children to the Christ Child, our Savior, instead of the commercial aspects of Christmas. 

    In the Google doc above, I listed some resources for observing Advent, which can help us to focus on the real meaning of the season. Many people use a Jesse Tree as a sort of countdown to Christmas. If you want more information about a Jesse Tree, please send me an email, and I will be glad to explain it to you.

    PS: Please remember to check out my books and resources if you have a homeschool mom on your shopping list. Especially my book of Prayers for homeschool moms. 

    Short, Powerful Prayers for Busy Homeschool Moms

    You all mean so much to me!

    Have a Blessed Holiday Season,

    Penney Douglas

    Safe Haven Homeschooling




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    The Question of Immunity

    How come the only immunity that’s honored these days is the immunity of the elites from their own mandates and Big Pharma’s immunity from liability for adverse reactions from vaccines?

    We are considered weak and helpless with no natural immunity from disease, no ability to fight infection or illness, without some kind of vaccine or magic pill manufactured by Big Pharma.

    That is not true. We have a wonderful immune system, given to us by God. Has everyone forgotten? We can do things to boost our immune system. There are specific things we can do against the big, scary virus and variants. We can take:

    D3 – 10,000 IU
    K2 – 100 mg
    Zinc Picolinate or Zinc gluconate – 50 mg
    Quercetin – 500 mg
    NAC – 500 mg
    Vit C – 2000-3000 mg

    And Dr. Zelenko, who helped President Trump through covid, has a product called Z-Stack that puts it all together, so that you only have to take two capsules a day to boost your immune system. That’s the only kind of booster I’ll take!

    You can find it here:


    As far as the legislators and CEO’s making mandates, but not having to follow them themselves, that’s bogus!!! If they make rules for us, they should have to abide by them, too. They think they are superior and above the law, but that is not what the Constitution says.

    So don’t obey their mandates. “Rules for thee, but not for me.” No way!

    The mandates are unreasonable and not backed by science. Just do your own research and find out what true science says about the contagion level, and then check out the statistics of actual number of total deaths in 2020 compared to other years.

    Also, keep in mind that hospitals were paid more money for listing covid as a cause of death on death certificates. The patient could have died of anything, but if they also had covid, they were considered a covid death. Doctors and hospitals were paid to call everything covid. Suspicious, if you ask me. The tests are unreliable. Look that up, too. Even the guy who developed the test said they were being used incorrectly.

    Talk about boosting! They boosted the numbers of covid cases and deaths to make it seem far worse than it was. They want to boost numbers and give everyone booster vaccines, but they never mention boosting our immune systems! Why?

    Immunity and Boosting – two terms they refuse to come to terms with!

    There is so much twisting of definitions among the medical establishment and the legislators. They are not looking out for our best interests. So in the interest of public safety and health, I’m telling you, you better start looking out for your own best interests!

    Consider yourself warned. And do what’s best for yourself and your family. This is what we need to be spreading. Truth and solutions. Immunity and Boosting!

    Suffering from Bipolar Disorder

    If you or someone you love is suffering from bipolar disorder, there is help. You can be set free, not just medicated or suffering in silence and shame. In a book called “Bipolar to Beloved: A Journey from Mental Illness to Freedom”, Lynn Eldridge shares her story of overcoming mental illness, and she passes on hope to others that they can do the same.

    From the Amazon description:


    Hope, freedom, and a radically changed life are possible!

    In this gripping, raw true story that will keep you turning the pages, author Lynn Eldridge shares her 35-year struggle of numbing the pain of rejection and generational mental illness through various addictions. Lynn’s clever wit, looks, and feigned control seemed to get her out of trouble much of the time. However, the consequences became more perilous with the company she kept, and she needed to make some changes…

    Lynn shares her journey of seeking help and change for more than 20 years despite having suicidal thoughts multiple times. Little did she know that she could be set free of all disorders, addictions, and her diagnosis with the power of the love from the One true God through an approach she had never heard as a lifelong church goer.

    After a radical transformation, 10 years of freedom and blessing, and helping dozens of others find freedom, through what she learned, Lynn has penned her journey to pass along hope and transformation to you and your loved ones. You will be amazed at how her different her life is today being beloved.”

    To buy it here on Amazon, click the link below.

    Bipolar to Beloved