For Such a Time as This


This is a time of uncertainty for all of us. I would just like to offer some hope and encouragement.

God has not given us a spirit of fear. And in Phil. 4:6 we are told to not be anxious but to pray with thanksgiving. And in Phil. 4:7, we find out that we will have peace when we pray in this way. Peace that passes understanding. And we have the same authority over sin, sickness, and disease – even death – that Jesus had, because He gave us the right to use His name and His authority.

We are God’s army on this earth. We are intercessors, and we can stand in the gap for those who don’t know Him. And we can destroy the works of the evil one. The enemy is under our feet. The virus is a defeated foe. Those with evil intent will be exposed, and God will be glorified. God is on the throne. He is the only one who is worthy to wear the crown.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper. No plague shall come near our dwelling.

Psalm 91 from The Passion Translation:

“When you sit enthroned under the shadow of Shaddai, you are hidden in the strength of God Most High.

He’s the hope that holds me and the Stronghold to shelter me, the only God for me, and my great confidence.

He will rescue you from every hidden trap of the enemy and He will protect you from false accusation and any deadly curse.

His massive arms are wrapped around you, protecting you. You can run under his covering of majesty and hide. His arms of faithfulness are a shield keeping you from harm.

You will never worry about an attack of demonic forces at night nor have to fear a spirit of darkness coming against you.

Don’t fear a thing! Whether by night or by day, demonic danger will not trouble you, nor will the powers of evil launched against you.

Even in a time of disaster, with thousands and thousands being killed, you will remain unscathed and unharmed.”

Psalm 91:1-9

May our Lord bless you and keep you.

The LORD bless you and keep you;
the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.


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Godly Women, Let’s Pray for Men!

Men need women. That’s why God said it’s not good for man to be alone. There are lots of reasons that men need women. Oh, I’m not saying that every man has to be married. But, in general, men live longer, healthier lives if they have a wife.

I believe that most women are happier with a man to spend their whole lives with, too. We hate being lonely, and having a good mate helps with that. But the biggest need that I think women can meet in their husband’s life is their spiritual needs.

I have seen how men act when they are alone or with other men and no women. They act crazy! It’s a wonder any of them live beyond their teen years. But God has made them to be daring and fearless. And we need that bravery and aggressiveness in many situations in life. Men are wonderful! Their desire to defend, protect, provide, and take care of women and children is admirable. Their desire to lead and accomplish great things is God-given.

I have no desire to bash men. I want to lift them up and encourage those positive masculine traits I have mentioned.

But when it comes to spiritual things, many men just don’t seem to get it. It seems like many of them feel like it’s sissy to be spiritually-minded. They seem embarrassed or completely uninterested in spiritual matters and even emotional issues.

And that’s where women come in. Women, in general, are more in tune with spiritual and emotional concerns. We are wired to be more emotional, nurturing, sensitive, and in many cases more spiritually aware. Many women really do have a special intuition and wisdom when it comes to relationships.

Since we are more geared to spiritual awareness, we owe it to our men to help them understand and “see” God in us. In our demeanor, our behavior, our attitude, and our general lifestyle, we should model for them a life that is peaceful, full of faith, and loving toward all.

In the same way, wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, even if some disobey the word, they may be won over without a word by the way their wives live.   1 Peter 3:1

For how do you know, wife, whether you will save your husband? Or how do you know, husband, whether you will save your wife?   1 Cor. 7:16

So, I believe that women fulfill a very important role in this world. We lead men to Jesus. We are great evangelists within our own home when we live godly lives. And when we pray for our men, we pray with great power and feeling. Our love for them and our desire to see them do well and have the best life possible drives us to pray fervently for our husbands.

Pray and model godly behavior, full of the fruits of the Spirit, and we will see great spiritual results in our men. And, I believe the emotions will follow.