Simple, Effective Homeschooling

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Simple, Effective Homeschooling

It’s simple, really. Think of homeschooling as part of your lifestyle. Incorporate learning into your daily activities. Real life learning is the most effective kind of learning because it involves all of the senses, and it accomplishes a real purpose.

Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life

This is a quote by Charlotte Mason. If you don’t know about Charlotte Mason, you ought to research her philosophy and her writings. She wrote a series called “Home Education” which you can find in many places including Amazon. Many homeschoolers get the whole series. I have read parts of it, but I must confess that her writing is difficult for me. She wrote during the 1890’s, so her language is a bit dated. But there are many modern authors who interpret her ideas and principles for the homeschoolers of today.

A very good place to start to find out about the Charlotte Mason method is the book by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay called “For the Children’s Sake”. She is the daughter of Francis Schaeffer, and she describes her search for the best form of education for her own children in this book. She also explains how we can apply the CM method in our homes. This is the book that inspired me to follow the CM approach. Karen Andreola has also written several books that are very helpful in learning about Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and how to apply it in our own homeschools.

If we think of education as an atmosphere, we will set up our homes in a way that will encourage learning. We will have learning materials and resources readily available for our children. We will keep an orderly and peaceful spirit in the house as much as possible. We will encourage questions. We will be available to our children and communicate with them often. We will include them in the daily activities of taking care of the home. Teaching them to do chores is an important part of their education. Real life activities teach them many thinking skills and problem solving skills that they will need throughout life.

If we think about education as a discipline, we will train our children in good habits and character. We who are Christians tend to think of homeschooling as discipleship. So this involves teaching our children the Bible, prayer, worship, and growing in our relationship with God. For me, this is the most important part of parenting and homeschooling. I remember praying with my children many nights. I prayed for them to come to know Jesus for themselves. I prayed for them to experience His presence and to have encounters with Him that caused them to know how real He is. We put the Bible first in our homeschooling. We watched videos of  Bible stories. We prayed together as a family. We sang worship songs together.

If we think about education as a life, then everything we do as a family is educational. You don’t need to worry about covering each subject when you live your life with your children, speaking with them, letting them help you, looking for teachable moments, and answering their questions. When my children were young, I encouraged them to use their imaginations and talk to me about whatever they were thinking. I paid attention to their ideas and made them feel as if they were important and interesting. Because they were! I tried to make my children feel respected and heard. We went to museums and farms and plays, but we also went to the grocery store and the post office together. I wanted them to experience life with me. I looked for opportunities to let them experience new things in the ordinary world that we lived in. I talked with them about issues that bothered them. I listened to their concerns and gave them advice and comfort. I tried to tie our homeschooling with things that were happening in real life. We studied the holidays as they came around. We studied the history that accompanied them. We learned about heroes in the Bible and heroes in history. We read books together as a family. It was part of our lifestyle. We were then able to share the experience and enjoy a story together and then share inside jokes and memories and family bonding that naturally happened.

Simplify Your Life and Your Homeschooling

Using these basic CM principles, you should be able to simplify your life and your homeschooling. Look at learning as a natural process since most children have an innate curiosity and naturally want to learn everything they can. Work with that curiosity and desire and learn right alongside them. Answer their questions if you can, and if you don’t know the answer, research with them to find the answer. In this way, you will enable them to take ownership and eventually control over their own learning. They won’t be learning because you are telling them to but because they really want to learn. And that kind of learning will stick. It will help them to find out their own gifts, talents, and interests.

Your children will enjoy the learning process and will complain a lot less than students do when they are forced to read and write about things that have nothing to do with their own lives or interests.

Simple and effective – isn’t that what we all want for our homeschooling?

I hope this message will free you up from expectations and ways of thinking that were bogging you down and keeping you from enjoying this amazing time in the lives of your children and this wonderful experience of living life with them.

May your family be blessed by the atmosphere, discipline and life that you live together in your home.



Here is a little freebie I’ve made for you if you would like to learn more about the Charlotte Mason method.

Charlotte Mason Lite Final

It Had to Be This Way


None of us expected the election to go this way. Many of us felt the shock and disappointment to the very core of our being. How could this have been ripped away from us in such an unfair miscarriage of justice? The Trump rallies, the city parades, boat parades, even Amish buggy parades, the obvious excitement and enthusiasm for Trump, especially compared to the complete lack of campaigning on the part of Biden, led us all to believe that President Trump would win easily. And so many prophets heard from God that he would be a two-term President. So when the election was called for Biden by the media (who put them in charge?), we were shocked and devastated.


So many things were done that pointed to election fraud, but the media kept saying this was the most secure election ever, there’s no proof of fraud, President Trump is making baseless claims of fraud, etc. Any questioning or even testimonies of eyewitnesses were completely ignored or denigrated as false or exaggerated.


President Trump and his team knew this would happen. He warned us about the dangers of mail-in voting. He knew they were going to steal the election. He watched them cheat and let them get away with it. He had to let them commit the crime before he could arrest them for it. The truth is leaking out slowly. Many unscrupulous people are being exposed and arrested. Lots of these things are happening behind the scenes. If you really want to know what’s happening and what’s really true, do some digging and praying and you’ll find the truth. If something doesn’t make sense, it’s probably being done by the ones who have been manipulating and controlling us for decades. Look up the cabal, deep state, central banks, luciferians, or any term that relates to secret societies or mind control, and you’ll find out why things have been so difficult and getting worse all the time. They are the source of much of the human trafficking, economic woes, wars, racial strife, division, and corruption in our country and around the world.


Most of our leaders have been corrupted by them. That’s why nothing good ever came out of Washington even though we tried to vote in leaders who would fix things and do what’s right.


Leaders in all aspects of society have been influenced by these evil people. They have been paid off, blackmailed, or coerced into using their influence to turn our country and our children away from God, the Bible, and traditional family values. Education, government, entertainment, media, medicine, and even businesses have cooperated with them in their evil agenda to destroy America as we know it.


President Trump and his team have been aware of the corruption at all levels and in all spheres of society. They have been steadily catching the crooks and cleaning up each area for years. It’s a colossal task, but they are making progress. They had to let them do their dirty work and then catch them in the act.


Even the Covid scam was already known before they enacted it. The plans were written long ago, and people who know how to research discovered them. The cabal telegraphed to us through movies and TV shows what they were planning to do to us. They are all about depopulation and genocide.


Because President Trump’s team let it play out this way, everyone should realize that the deep state is real and its agenda is evil. That’s why it had to be this way.




The New (Old) Republic

The Return of the Republic  


I have a secret, but I’m going to tell you this secret in hopes that you will tell everybody you know. This secret should be common knowledge, but History books in our schools do not mention it. 


We lost our Republic a long time ago! Actually, it was stolen from us. It’s interesting what Benjamin Franklin told a woman who asked what kind of government they gave us. He told her, “A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it.” Well, we didn’t keep it. And you won’t believe who stole it from us. The British! That’s right. We fought a big war to get free from them, but then we lost control of our economy and our republic to them not long after that. The way it all happened is kind of complicated, but they had an agenda, and they carried it out. And our leaders fell for it. In 1871 after the Civil War, a group of European bankers formed a corporation called UNITED STATES and changed our government to a corporation that they controlled. Our Southern congressmen had left because they didn’t like what was going on, so we had a foreign group invade and take over our country under the name of UNITED STATES as a corporation.


https://rumble.com/vehu5b-military-occupation-11.3-youll-love-11.11-new-government-act-of-1871-revers.html  Start at about 8:45 to find out what happened to our republic in 1871.


So now the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, not a republic. Those British bankers wanted to establish a global government, not out of a desire for global brotherhood but because they wanted to own the riches of the world. They wanted our resources so in 1910 they had a secret meeting and came up with a bank called the Federal Reserve and took over our banking system by establishing a central bank. The word federal made it sound like it was national, but it is not. It’s really something that is run by the European cabal, not our own government! Then they took control of our state department through the Council on Foreign Relations, then they established international agencies like the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, NAFTA, the WTO, the CIA, and radical legislation that opened the US to the Third World. Now the United States is something far different than it started out to be. 


https://youtu.be/1vPvCKcpWYE?t=1335 Start at 23:00 to hear about a George Washington prophecy about our day. 


Another pivotal event which happened in 1971 is that Nixon took us off of the gold standard. 


But all of those things are about to be reversed! That’s the secret I wanted to tell you!


https://youtu.be/pMJqLyZwZFg?t=2318 God is the God of miracles! Jeff Jansen talks about it on Elijah Streams.


God  has called President Trump to return our Republic to us and return power to “We the People”. Did you listen to his Inauguration speech back in 2016? When I heard it, I was shocked. He said, “Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by “You the American people”. 




This is a video of President Trump’s inauguration speech in 2016. I can’t wait to hear his inauguration speech for the 2020 election that he won!!!


Babylon is fallen. The Cabal, the Deep State, The New World Order has lost its power over us.


https://youtu.be/SgYDeeZn2-c?t=702  In this video Johnny Enlow talks with Steve Shultz from Elijah Streams about the Mystery of Trump, the test of abundance, Project Looking Glass, and the prophetic perspective of the period of time from 2012 to 2021. This gives us a lot of information about what is happening. This video was recorded on April 8, 2021.


<script async src=”https://telegram.org/js/telegram-widget.js?14″ data-telegram-post=”freedomforcebattalion/3358″ data-width=”100%”></script>


And here General Flynn tells us “By God’s grace, this is a Constitutional Republic”. 


Here is something I can’t verify, but it’s very interesting. A second Declaration of Independence that President Trump signed. 




It seems that soon we will have a new government that is really our original government which will be restored as a Constitutional Republic with Donald Trump as the 19th President of our Republic!


Check out all of these links. Research the true history of America, and get your hopes up that things are being exposed, cleaned up, and made right.


If you want to research the true history of America, you can read “The Killing of Uncle Sam” by Rodney Howard-Browne, “You Know Something’s Wrong When… “ by Anna Maria Reizinger,  http://usa-the-republic.com/illuminati/History_Of_The_Takeover_Of_America.pdf, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, or a simplified version of his book for children called “The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island” by Connor Boyack, and watch videos by Johnny Enlow, Jeff Jansen, and other Christian prophets who are informed, aware, awake, and listening to God. Go to TimetoFreeAmerica.com. 


So now we have gone through our Red Sea moment with the EVERGREEN ship. We have been going through Tribulation under the cabal, the Illuminati, Deep State, New World Order globalists, luciferians, satanists for thousands of years, but now the tide is turning, they are being exposed, and they are being held accountable and knocked out of their positions and wealth.

Some of the first Executive Orders Pres. Trump made when he became President was to freeze the assets of anyone involved in human trafficking and crimes against humanity.


Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption






Enforcing Federal Law With Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking

(f) pursue and support additional efforts to prevent the operational success of transnational criminal organizations and subsidiary organizations within and beyond the United States, to include prosecution of ancillary criminal offenses, such as immigration fraud and visa fraud, and the seizure of the implements of such organizations and forfeiture of the proceeds of their criminal activity.

And from what General Flynn said in the video we are now a Constitutional Republic instead of a corporation now!

We are taking it all back! President Trump has done a lot of it already.

He has rescued countless children from sex trafficking and stopped traffickers, using our military and law enforcement.

If you take a look around you, you will notice that lots of weird things have been happening, like CEO’s stepping down, celebrities disappearing, politicians quitting – all because they were involved with human trafficking and corruption. Many were involved in doing unspeakable things to children themselves.

Banksters were corrupt, a lot of the military leadership was corrupt, corporation leadership was corrupt, politicians were corrupt, education, media, entertainment, sports, you name it. But a lot of progress has been made toward cleaning up the upper levels of leadership of these major areas of influence in society.

Now we have three armies working together! Now that the Ekklesia – the Church that knows our authority – is awake, we are working along with the earthly military and the Trump Administration in praying for them, and there are Angel Armies working with us not only in the heavenlies, but right here among us on Earth.

This is a war for the whole Earth. And people are awake around the world and are also working with the Trump Administration, and are protesting what has been happening in their countries. The Ekklesia is arising around the world and praying for God’s will to be done in this war. President Trump is known and loved around the world because he made the evil leaders capitulate to him, and they now have to do what he tells them to do. Just look at that first world tour he did when he became President and you’ll find out some very interesting information. The people of the world want to be free of the cabal, Deep State, New World Order globalists, luciferian, satanist, mafia cartels.

So lots of great things are coming in the next couple of weeks and months. Everything will be changing for the better! The best is yet to come! And nothing can stop what is coming!

General Flynn gives us another big clue right here!


We already have a President!!!

But keep praying, because this is how we fight. And get involved in local politics, government, top levels of whatever field you’re in, etc., so you can be an influencer and decision maker!

Bonus video with so much unknown history it will make your head spin! And cause for hope and great joy! And a call to war!


A few other great sources of great information:






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My latest curriculum

I have written some homeschool resources for children who are Junior High – High School age. They are Charlotte Mason-based. They use narration as their mode of learning, reflecting, processing, and recording knowledge from a book they have read. They are based on living books that your child will love. They are practical, hands-on, and encourage reading and writing and thinking!

I also wrote a little narration journal to be used by Elementary students to go with a book called Tornadoes by Gail Gibbons.

You can find my curriculum here:

Some Curriculum for Charlotte Mason- style Homeschooling

My 2 latest books:

5 Steps to Becoming a Great Homeschool Parent – Paperback and E-book

The Basics of Learning and Homeschooling – Paperback and E-book

Find them here on my author’s page:

My Author’s Page on Amazon for Books I’ve Written

I have also put together an e-course. It is also called The Basics of Learning and Homeschooling. It covers the same ideas as the book but in more detail and depth. It is available now at a price of $39. I will be adding videos and the price will go up, but you will get the videos automatically as soon as they are added at no extra cost.


And now for my next trick —

I will be partnering with my friend, Jessica Anderson, to do a homeschool challenge called “The Organized Homeschool Mom Challenge”. It will run for 5 days. So be watching for more information about it in the coming days.

Well, enough about me. How are you all doing? Is 2021 starting to treat you any better than 2020 did? We are opening all the way up in Texas. Yay! Except Houston is still acting like there’s a mask mandate even though our governor cancelled it. It’s so disheartening seeing everybody covering up their beautiful faces and smiles for the sake of a fake pandemic.

Our family is doing well. Anna did have covid, but she has recovered nicely. She did get in touch with The Frontline Doctors and got HCQ from them. The rest of us have not had it. We are taking supplements and doing the usual healthy things. Our lifestyle was already pretty much home-based, so we haven’t had to change much. Gary doesn’t mind wearing a mask as much as I do. So he does most of the grocery shopping.

I have been struggling with Texas Cedar Fever. I finally found out that it’s the culprit for why I have gotten so sick every winter since we moved to Texas. I’m praying about how to recover from it so that I can spend more time awake than asleep!

I really enjoyed teaching the kids about St. Patrick this year and a little about the Irish Revival of 1859. I read from the book “Revival Fire” by Wesley Duewel. It’s a fascinating book about revivals and awakenings around the world.

If any of you are struggling with fear or need prayer about anything, please let me know, and I would love to pray for you.

Some people and prophets who are standing for the return of President Trump to the Presidency are Johnny Enlow, Jeff Jansen, Robin Bullock, Steve Shultz of Elijah List and Elijah Streams, Kat Kerr, and Mario Murillo. They have been so encouraging as we have taken our stand of faith in believing that God is not finished with the Plan he started with President Trump. He has not backed down from what He Prophesied through Kim Clement and many others that President Trump would have two terms. We are believing for amazing things to break open for all of us believers in Jesus.

So be encouraged! Great things are headed our way! Soon!

“May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

AND – May you have fair winds and following seas.

Thanks for visiting!

Penney Douglas

at Safe Haven Homeschooling

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My Author’s Page on Amazon for Books I’ve Written


I have written two books with accompanying journals so far.

And here they are!


I’m working on two more books that are both about homeschooling. One is a very quick read, a bit of a condensed version. The other one is a little more comprehensive, but I think they will both be very helpful to new homeschoolers who want a headstart in homeschooling that will help them avoid pitfalls that many beginning homeschoolers encounter.

They will help with changing your mindset, adjusting expectations, knowing what to expect, choosing curriculum, help with planning, and many other topics that are basic to a successful homeschool experience.

I will post about them in the near future when they are ready to publish!

Be watching for them!

One more thing!

I have written an e-course for beginning homeschool moms and for those who want to tweak what they’re doing to simplify or modify what they’re doing to make it more sustainable and enjoyable. It is called “The Basics of Learning and Homeschooling”. I wrote it to teach some basics about the way kids learn so that moms can feel confident that they are meeting the needs of their children and doing it in the way that works best for their child.


If you are looking for some assistance in homeschooling for the long haul, this course will prepare you and give you the knowledge and encouragement you need to keep on going.

Check out my e-course now before the price goes up when I add new content. I will be adding videos made by my oldest son and me that will provide even more advice, encouragement, and how-to’s to make homeschooling the best experience you’ve ever had. You will be glad you took this course, and if you buy it now, you will get the videos for free. I will let everyone know when the videos have been added. The price will go up at that time. But you will have automatic access to them. Right now you can get the e-course for $39, so act now!