Do You Want Your Life Planned for You?

Who is Deciding Everything for Us?

There is a group of “philanthropists” that think they know what’s best for all of us. They also think of themselves as elites and the rest of us as “chattel” (animals) or something they own. The Rockefellers are in this lofty group. And another family you may have heard of – the Rothschilds. There are other families, too, involved in planning our lives for us. Plus assorted individuals who have joined themselves to the exalted ranks of the elites.

I found this book of scenarios they put together for what may happen in the future. They concocted 4 different scenarios that could possibly happen. The first one, Operation Lockstep, looked eerily like the covid fiasco we just went through.

The second scenario called Clever Together is the one that the elites seem to favor. They think it will have the most favorable outcomes as far as political and economic alignment and adaptive capacity. It basically says that the developed countries would pool their resources to solve the big global problems, starting with climate change, of course. They talk about reducing greenhouse gases and carbon sequestration and all the methods they would use to do that. People would be pressured to reduce waste and increase efficiency in planet-friendly ways. This sounds a lot like what they’re teaching our kids in schools.

So it looks like they tried the Lockstep scenario first to see how far the people would let them go in removing all of their freedoms and how many people would obey all of their commands in the covid plandemic scenario.

While all along they have been indoctrinating the next generation with fears about climate change and impending disaster so that they will do whatever they’re told in order to save the planet. And in the process they are turning our children against us because they perceive us as being stupid and not doing what we need to do to save the planet. So they are angry at the current generation (their parents and grandparents) and have all but lost respect for us.

From what I’ve been hearing, the students don’t really respect their teachers, either, in a lot of schools.

What is their true agenda?

I was shocked when they shut down the schools during the plandemic. I never thought they would let the children escape their grasp for any period of time. They were always so insistent that kids have to attend school 180 days a year. And they frowned on students who had excessive absences and sent out truant officers to round up the ones who missed a lot of school. I couldn’t believe they let a virus that didn’t even affect kids shut down their schools!

But that wasn’t the only thing that shocked me during that time. I couldn’t believe what officials were demanding or what people were willing to go along with. I didn’t go along with any of it. I saw it for what it was – an attack on freedom and liberty. I did not cooperate with any of it. That meant I didn’t go many places during that time. I refused to wear a mask. It’s a good thing Gary went to the grocery store for us. I guess I did cooperate with the “stay at home” rule, but not because I believed the narrative they were spreading.

I knew that the whole thing was leading to vaccines and vaccine passports.

Do you know that leaders in some countries are still making plans to require vaccine passports for international travel?

The B20 Business Summit which is part of the G20 Summit was recently held in Bali, Indonesia. And some leaders there were saying that the member countries will require vaccine passports for international travel.

Do we want these people making all of these decisions for us?

But I come back to my original questions. Do you want your life planned for you? Who is making all of the decisions for us?

I will give you my answers. I don’t want anybody but God and my husband and me planning my life. And I don’t trust the ones who have appointed themselves to make all of the decisions for the whole world. Who asked them to do it in the first place? We didn’t elect them or cry out to them to save us from ourselves. They are operating from an anti-God, anti-family, anti-personal freedom belief system. I do not want them deciding anything for me!

They are the ones who are instituting socialism everywhere. They promote open borders, gay marriage, abolition of families, depopulation, and even transhumanism.

These people really are evil. Most of them worship satan. The WEF and all of them are pushing these agendas that are destroying our traditional values. They have made their plans, and they are carrying them out.

But God…

But God is not letting them get away with it. He has raised up righteous people to fight against these ungodly agendas. There are people in the militaries, in the governments (a few), and among the good people of the world who are taking down the evil cabal. He raised up President Trump to lead this movement. It’s the America First movement, but it is helping all of the people of the world, setting them free from the oppression of the deep state. The bankers have been stealing from us. Our government has been stealing from us.

Life is not supposed to be so hard. They have been making our lives more difficult. But their rule is coming to an end. They can have all the summits they want to discuss new ways to oppress us, but they are not going to be able to carry out their plans anymore.

God has made a plan, and He is carrying it out through His people. Don’t be afraid of what they try to throw at us. Keep trusting God, and He will take care of you. Pray for wisdom and use discernment. Don’t fall for anything the media tells you. All they do is lie. Don’t let fear come into your heart. Don’t be discouraged or despairing. The celebrities, the media, the government, education – they are all being taken down and refashioned. We are entering into a whole new era. And it will be good, because it won’t be controlled or run by evil ones anymore.

You may have heard the phrase “Trust the Plan”. I have wondered about that. I have a general trust in it because I trust the people who have made the plan. But the Plan that I really trust is God’s Plan. He is the only One that can make all things work together for our good. I believe that He is the One that gave the Plan to the good people who are genuinely trying to save the planet and all of us who dwell on it.

The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.  Psalm 24:1,2

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

Have no fear, God is near. He is here. And He is moving on our behalf.


If you are interested in reading the document about the scenarios I talked about, you can find the whole thing here. It was written in 2010.

It’s called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” by The Rockefeller Foundation.

Another interesting read is “The New World Order” by Ralph Epperson. You can read it here.

Be blessed today!!!


Favorite Thanksgiving Books and Resources

                  I love the holiday of Thanksgiving!

It’s a great family holiday and a great time to focus on something we should be doing every day of the year – Practicing gratitude.

I have written several posts about Thanksgiving books and activities and resources, but I wanted to write a fresh one because I’ve found some new things.

I made this document called Fun Ways to Homeschool through the Holidays in November last year that you can download and print out if you haven’t already.

And now for my favorite Thanksgiving Books and Resources:

               Favorite Books
     Picture Books
  1. Mousekin’s Thanksgiving – Edna Miller – look for this at a used bookstore – very expensive on Amazon!
  2. Cranberry Thanksgiving – Wende and Harry Devlin
  3. Thelonius Turkey Lives – Lynn Rowe Reed
  4. Thanksgiving Day at Our House – Nancy White Carlstrom
  5. It’s Thanksgiving – Jack Prelutsky
  6. The Relatives Came – Cynthia Rylant
  7. Boxes for Katje – Candace Fleming
  8. Thank You, Sarah – Laurie Halse Anderson
  9. Thanksgiving Mice – Bethany Roberts
  10. Thanksgiving Rules – Laurie Friedman
  11. Thanksgiving Treat – Catherine Stock
  12. Thanksgiving is For Giving Thanks – Margaret Sutherland
  13. The Story of the Pilgrims – Katharine Ross
  14. The Thanksgiving Story – Alice Dalgliesh
  15. A Turkey for Thanksgiving – Eve Bunting
  16. In November – Cynthia Rylant
  17. An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving – Louisa May Alcott illus. by James Bernardin
  18. Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving – Eric Metaxas
  19. Three Young Pilgrims – Cheryl Harness
  20. Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims – Clyde Robert Bulla
  21. BOOKS for Older Kids

1. Farmer Boy – Laura Ingalls Wilder

2. Thanksgiving: Heart-warming Stories for Children – with authors like Louisa May Alcott and Lucy Maud Montgomery


Good History Series for Independent Reading or Read Aloud


  1. Dear America – A Journey to the New World – Remember Patience Whipple 

2. My Name is America 

3.Young American Voices

4. American Girls Series

5. Rush Revere – Rush Limbaugh

6. Gilbert Morris Series – The House of Winslow and The Appomattox Saga

7. Heroes of History – Published by YWAM

8.Childhood of Famous Americans 

9. Between Two Flags – Lee Roddy

10. The Christian Heritage Series – Focus on the Family, Nancy N. Rue

11. Trailblazers – Dave and Neta Jackson

12. The American Adventure Series – Teri Ann Berg Olsen –

Great article about this series 

13. Reel Kids Adventures – Dave Gustaveson

14. G.A. Henty

15. Hero Tales – Dave Jackson


Books about Gratitude


  1. Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco – 5-9 years old
  2. My First Gratitude Journal by Creative Journals for Kids – 5-9
  3. Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts 5-8
  4. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott – YA
  5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – YA
  6. The Table Where Rich People Sit by Byrd Baylor – 7-10
  7. The Thank You Letter by Jane Cabrera – 4-8
  8. What is Given from the Heart by Patricia C. McKissack – 6-8
  9. Thankful by Eileen Spinelli – 2-6
  10. White Bird by R.J. Palacio – 8-12 – A holocaust graphic novel
  11. Boxes for Katje by Candace Fleming – 4-8
  12. The First Thanksgiving by Jean Craighead George, illustrated by Thomas Locker – 4-8 
  13. An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott
  14. Thankful by Elaine Vickers – 4-8
  15. Sincerely Emerson by Emerson Weber 4-8
  16. The Things I’m Grateful For by Arnie Lightning – 4-9 – Activities
Christian Books about Gratitude
  1. The Blessings Jar by Colleen Coble – 2-5
  2. I will Rejoice by Karma Wilson – 4-8
  3. Ronnie Wilson’s Gift by Francis Chan – 4-8
  4. I’m Thankful Each Day by P.K. Hallinan – 2-5
  5. The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado – 3-9
  6. Glory by Nancy White Carlstrom – 5-8
  7. Growing Grateful: Live Happy, Peaceful and Contented by Mary Kassian – Devotional for Mom
  8. Gratitude and Listening Prayer Journal by Penney Douglas – High School and up


Videos for Thanksgiving and American History


  1. Little House on the Prairie TV episode “Thanksgiving – A Harvest of Friends”


2. Pete the Cat Falling for Autumn


3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


4. Garfield’s Thanksgiving


5. Thanksgiving for Kids


6. The Thanksgiving that Almost Wasn’t (1970)


7. History of Thanksgiving for Kids


8. Liberty’s Kids


9. Drive Thru History


10. The REAL story of Thanksgiving – Rush Limbaugh (for older kids)

Historical Roots of Thanksgiving


Wallbuilders.com has lots of good historical documents like this one:


Thanksgiving Proclamation of the Continental Congress 1777

This is the text of the Continental Congress’ November 1, 1777 national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation; as printed in the Journals of Congress.


Poetry Tea Time


Organized Homeschooler


Nurtured Roots


Hide the Chocolate




Thanksgiving Unit Studies


Faith and Good Works


The Homeschool Mom


Freedom Homeschooling


Meet Penny.com


Amanda Bennett Thanksgiving Unit Study


White House Holidays – Thanksgiving


As We Walk Along the Road


Pete the Cat Thanksgiving Lesson Plan


Monthly Activity Pack for November by 1+1+1=1


Thanksgiving Bible Activity Pack by The Crafty Classroom



Thanksgiving Notebook Pages from A Journey Through Learning


Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages from Productive Homeschooling (FREE)


Thanksgiving and Fall Notebook and Copywork Pages from Heritage Grove Academy


Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages and more from Notebooking Nook (FREE)














Other Activities


Fun Things for Kids to do on Thanksgiving

Gratitude Journals


Benefits of Gratitude Journals


  • Boost happiness
  • Gain experience – kindness challenges, memory-making
  • Enhance perspective
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve overall health


WriteShop.com – Gratitude Journal for Kids


NotConsumed.com – Gratitude Printable Pack


KoriClark.com – Gratitude Journal – Beautiful Design


Gratitude and Listening Prayer Journal by Penney Douglas – High School and up


Gratitude Journals on Amazon – 3 Min. Journals, 5 Min. Journals, Girls’ Gratitude Journals, Kids’ Gratitude Journals


Make a Gratitude Tree


Learn and Live Letter


Make Your Own Gratitude Tree


                     I hope this list helps you to celebrate the best Thanksgiving you’ve ever had!

Awaken Your Heart Virtual Conference

Hello Safe Haven Friends!

I’m excited to invite you to an online virtual conference that will challenge and inspire you.

My friend, Angel, is a powerful woman of God who has a heart for God and for women. Her story is inspiring, and her demeanor inspires peace and calm. When Angel speaks, people listen, yes, but they hear the heart of God. Her boldness and confidence rest in God alone, and it’s obvious that she has gone deep with God through sorrows and pain. But her story is triumphant because of Jesus!

She is presenting this online conference to share the treasure the Lord has given her. She is one of five speakers, who are all uniquely qualified to call us forth.

The Awaken Your Heart Conference is a gathering of women who long to see the truth and power of Jesus Christ at work in their lives.  Our desire is to encourage every woman in her journey by sharing the redemptive grace of Jesus and provide meaningful opportunities for teaching, discipleship and fellowship.


God is calling you to a life of obedience and faithful trust in every situation and in every conversation. He wants you to use the skills and talents He has blessed you with, right where you are. God’s call on your life is tremendously freeing, for His call on your life is for you to be you.

The theme for this fall’s conference is “She’s Called Forth”.

Sisters, we have nothing to fear and ultimately nothing to lose. We will inherit our glorious hope. We will get Christ. He will reward us for our good works. Let’s not be conformed to the world in its apathy toward the things of God.

Get all the details HERE.

I hope to see you there!

Penney Douglas, B.S. in Ed.
Safe Haven Homeschooling



Safe Haven News for October – It Feels Like Everything’s Fall-ing Apart

Safe Haven News for October

Dear Readers of Safe Haven,

I hope you are holding onto hope!

I heard from the Lord the other day: “Hope is not lost. Far from it! Your eyes have not seen, your ears have not heard, nor has it entered into your heart what I have prepared for you. Your hope is in Me . And I will never let you down.”

I remember when He highlighted Romans 5:5 to me. He said to me personally that hope does not disappoint. So I took Him at His word and kept hoping. And the situation we were in at the time turned around completely. I mean completely! If you read my book, Refined By Fire, you’ll see what happened. It was a huge miracle! Okay, I’ll give you a hint. It involves a large sum of money from the last place we expected it to come from. Now go get my book and read the story! It will give you hope.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!

The words the Lord gave me for this year were turnaround and release. We are waiting for the fulfillment of these words, but I know that it’s coming.

It does look like everything’s falling apart, I admit. I see the markets failing. I see threats of nuclear war. I see inflation and food shortages that our own government is causing. Are they just stupid, or are they doing this on purpose? What do you think? They are doing it on purpose. Our leaders don’t care about what happens to us.

But our God cares deeply about what happens to us. And He is making His moves to shake the kingdoms of this world. The evil rulers are coming down.

It’s hard to cope with the fact that our own nation has been the bad guys. The CIA has started wars in other countries just to get control of their resources. Agencies that we thought were doing good things for our nation have actually been just taking money from us and pocketing it and spreading it out among their cronies. We all need to do some more research and find out what has really been happening in our government for the last 40 years or more. And what about that FBI? Thank God for the whistleblowers.

Some people are still standing with Ukraine. They don’t understand the corruption that has taken place there with the Bidans and other elites from our country and others. There has been so much money laundering happening and who knows what else. The four regions that voted to go back to Russia are celebrating. They have been under attack by Kiev since 2014. The people there are happy. They are Russian, and they want to be under Russia’s auspices.

And the pipeline. Do you really think Russia benefits from blowing up its own pipeline?

They have worked really hard to make us hate Russia, but it’s starting to look like Russia is morally superior to the West.

The talk of nuclear war is just to wake people up even more. A very rude awakening.

Putin is pointing out that the US is the only one that has ever actually used nuclear weapons on people. I’m feeling more and more ashamed of our government and the military/industrial complex.

I may lose my email provider, but I feel like I need to get this information to you. I don’t know if you’re hearing it anywhere else, but it’s not that easy to find.

I believe God is revealing the deep and secret things. He’s opening the sealed book.

The globalists’ idea of a reset is not going to happen. God’s idea of jubilee and debt forgiveness are happening even now. Do you know anyone who has had their mortgage or car loan paid off recently? It has happened. It is slowly rolling out, but it’s going to pick up speed in the coming months.

Don’t let fear get a hold of you no matter what you see or hear. God has raised up a mighty army to carry out His plans, and they are working behind the scenes to change everything for us and for the nations of the world.

There will be a reset. We need one. But it’s not the one the WEF is trying to accomplish. Nobody wants what they’re trying to force on us. If we own nothing, I can guarantee we are not going to be happy.

And if you are concerned about the environment, no need to worry anymore. The White House has just appointed an ambassador for plants and animals. Yes, really. Oh yeah, she’s the wife of Bidan’s chief of staff.

Let’s do what we can to save the children. Our own children and the ones who are victims of trafficking and other forms of abuse. Children are being exposed to such depravity, and even their parents are involved in it. They are even taking their children to gender clinics and ruining the lives of young girls, mostly. In schools some teachers are telling them to be nice to pedophiles. Just call them minor attracted persons. What is the agenda here?

For the children’s sake, we must speak out. The schools are not safe for children.

I think homeschooling is the best option, but if you really can’t do it, then please find some place besides the public schools.

Speaking of homeschooling, here’s a post I wrote about why Spirit-filled parents should homeschool their children.


And here’s a post about an effective way to homeschool your children.


And one more to help with getting your kids to do their work without a fight.


And if you need some prayer power for those days when homeschooling is feeling too hard, here’s a book full of powerful prayers to transform your homeschool, or at least your homeschool day.


If you’re looking for journals for your kids, I’ve got several for you to choose from. I just wrote a Gratitude and Listening Prayer Journal.


And I have a Copywork journal, a reader’s journal, a writer’s journal, and some narration journals.

You can find them here:


I pray that God blesses each one of you. I pray that your peace remains in Him no matter what the circumstances look like. God has it all under control, and God wins. For Narnia lovers, Aslan is on the move!

Be bold and full of faith,

Penney Douglas
Safe Haven Homeschooling


Copyright © 2022 Safe Haven Homeschooling, All rights reserved.

How to Get Your Homeschool Year Off to a Good Start

Hello Safe Haven Family,

I was just sitting here thinking about all of you, and I decided to share a post from my blog about getting your homeschool off to a good start.

Here are 10 steps to setting the right tone in your home to homeschool successfully.

  1. First of all, it helps to start with the right mindset. We are homeschooling, not doing school at home. I call it “Family Schooling”. We are learning how to do life well. The most important thing we as Christians should do is pray about our agenda and plans. Ask the Lord what He would have us do. He knows our children better than anybody. He knows what they need. Take some time to ask Him and some more time to listen to what He might say about what your children need to learn today.
  2. If you are brand new and your child is doing preschool, let them play! If your child is only 3 or 4, you probably don’t need a curriculum. Read some good picture books to him/her. Let the child lead you in what he wants to do. If he doesn’t have something in mind, offer some choices, such as coloring, playing with play dough, playing with magnetic letters, singing the ABC song, counting teddy bears or something colorful, watching something educational. If your child is a boy, he may not want to write anything. Girls are more likely to want to try to draw something or write letters or numbers. If she wants to write, start teaching her to write her name and names of family members. Keep it informal and light with no pressure or expectations of perfection. At this age, just let him have fun trying new things and exploring the media, such as colored pencils, crayons, markers, paint, clay, etc. Don’t expect professional looking pictures or products. Show appreciation for anything they make. Realize that all of these skills are difficult and unfamiliar for your little one. If you have a hard time remembering what it’s like to learn something new, try this little exercise. Write a sentence with the opposite hand from what you’re used to using. If you’re right-handed, use your left hand or vice versa. Then you will be able to relate to the effort your child is putting into learning new skills that you are trying to teach them. Lots of things that they play are using their fine motor skills, like pushing a small car around, building with blocks, coloring or drawing, putting a puzzle together, etc. And cleaning up can also use fine motor skills, such as putting crayons or colored pencils back in a box or putting any toys in a container, etc. Cutting and gluing is fun for them and helps with developing fine motor skills, too.
  3. Remember that boys are different from girls. All children are different from each other, but we can make some generalizations that can help us to not expect things that make learning time a chore and drudgery instead of enjoying the process of discovery and experimentation. Don’t expect boys to want to color or draw or do craft projects. You can try some and see how he reacts. If he likes  them go ahead and do more. But if he wants to get down on the floor and play with cars and build with blocks, encourage creativity and storytelling as  he plays with them. Let him have lots of time for free play. But you might want to ask him what he is building or what he is playing with his cars or action figures.
  4. For many boys, handwriting is extremely difficult and even painful. They sometimes squeeze the pencil too hard. Boys may have a difficult time making the figures go where they want them to go on the page. They may struggle to make a letter look the way they want it to. So don’t push. If you micromanage the early days of handwriting, you may set your son up to hate handwriting. Then the skill and practice is even more distasteful and unpleasant for both of you. Wait until he is ready and his fine motor skills are more developed. This may be months or even years. Start out doing small bits of writing such as teaching  him how to write his name and names of family members and familiar small words.
  5. Don’t hover, push or micromanage the work your child is doing. Make sure he understands what he is supposed to do, and then step away and let him do it on his own. Stay nearby in case he needs help, but let him make the learning and practicing the new skill his own.
  6. Do take advantage of teachable moments. If your child asks a question, explore it with her and see if there is an extension of that subject that would be of interest to her and add to her pool of knowledge. If you don’t know the answer to the question, sit down with your child and do research on the internet to find the answer.
  7. Don’t think that you are behind. Don’t compare what your child is doing with what another child is doing. It’s okay to get ideas of things to try, but don’t be dismayed if your child is not ready for that skill or subject yet. The only people you have to please or be accountable to are yourself and God.
  8. Remember what is important in this process. The big picture is that we are teaching our children to be loving, kind people of good character. When issues like disobedience, anger, rebellion, impatience or even perfectionism arise, we need to deal with these issues before we move onto actually accomplishing the book work or project that he is working on. We need to be careful of our own attitude while dealing with these attitudes in our child. Remember to be patient and kind and in control of your own emotions. Don’t take it personally if he doesn’t want to do the work or he doesn’t like the subject or he finds it difficult. Sometimes you may need to put the school work on hold while you talk to your child or just hold and hug and snuggle him. Always pray for wisdom, understanding and discernment to know what is going on in the heart and mind of your child.
  9. Keep the main thing the main thing. Your relationship with your child is more important than finishing school work or learning a new skill. If she has a difficult time with the assigned work or cannot seem to grasp a new concept, she may not be ready for it yet. Put it aside until later. Then come back to it later on and try it again. Keep the heart of your child. Or if you have lost connection with your child, use this time with her to show your love and affection toward your child to get her heart back.
  10. As your children interact with siblings and other children, watch the way they relate to others. Children tend to be immature and selfish. Help them learn to be less selfish and gradually more mature. This can be a very long process and take many times of intervention and correction and teaching and discussion. You may even need to role play how they should deal with situations that come up during play times. This requires lots of patience on your part and the willingness to step away from things you would rather do. It is not the most pleasant part of parenting, but it needs to be done and is one of the most important parts of homeschooling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I hope these tips help you get off on the right foot or help you have the best year yet. The most important thing is that we let the Spirit lead us. Then we know that we are doing the best we can for each child the Lord has blessed us with. I pray that God blesses each of your homeschools and families this year.



Happy Family Schooling

From our family to yours!