The Holistic Mindset by Penney and Shawn

Shawn and I talked about  Gratitude and Hope and changing your attitude and being unperturbed and not upset about life when things don’t go the way you wanted them to. Things didn’t go the way we wanted when we started recording this video. We had no volume at first and didn’t even know it until a viewer told us that there was no sound! We could have given up. We had already talked for 20 minutes! But we persevered, and our second video was better than the first!

We talked about how Gratitude and Hope are related.  And lots of other good stuff!

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The Secret to Being an Artist

You CAN be an artist, even if past experience has told you otherwise. The secret is – PASTELS! I have never been good at drawing or painting or pretty much anything artsy or craftsy. But I picked up some chalk pastels and tried some of the tutorials that Nana did on, and I became an artist! Since then I have tried many of her projects, and I have been happy with the results of my work. For the first time ever!

Join Nana’s Clubhouse Membership and start painting with pastel chalk. Find your inner artist that has been hiding, or indulge your already known artistic side right along with your children as they explore the fun and satisfaction of working with pastels.

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The Difference Between Identity and Connection, Part 1

You have to have a good relationship with yourself to have good relationships with others.

The masculine emphasis is on identity.

Meaning and purpose are so important to men.

The female emphasis is on connection.

Women want to be connected and intimate with others. They are looking to connect.

We need both. Men are good at identity.

Women are good at connection.

But men need to learn how to connect, and women can help them with that.

And women need to learn their identity, and men can call that out for them.

The difference between identity and connection ft. @shawncamerond

Posted by Changed By Love on Saturday, April 13, 2019