The Year 2023 in Review – Part 2

2023 Year in Review: There were many things that happened in February too! Lots of stuff was revealed. Lots of whistleblowers came forward. We saw some strange balloons and train derailments.

  • Fauci has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses. The Virology Journal, the official publication of Fauci’s National Institutes of Health published an article about this in 2005. According to this article:
    HCQ functions as both a cure and a VACCINE.
  • I saw a meme that said “Democrats released a virus, used it to rig an election, then had the FBI dress as Patriots and stage an insurrection… And everybody knows it!”
  • Antiparasitics are used to treat cancer.
  • Who are the real powers behind the NWO? This video  talks about the Jesuits, the Masons, and the Illuminati which are really Masons planning and starting the wars since 1776.
  • Lots of child and sex trafficking happens at the Super Bowl.
  • Philadelphia Eagles player, Josh Sills, was indicted for rape and kidnapping.
  • Putin said he was de-nazifying Ukraine.
  • Netanyahu said in 1990, “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control… This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly.”
  • Texas Governor, Greg Abbott said, “The Harris Co. election ballot paper shortage was far bigger than initially estimated. It’s so big it may have altered the outcome of elections. It may necessitate new elections. It WILL necessitate new LAWS that prevent Harris Co. from ever doing this again.”
  • A Ukrainian general told the truth about the war in Ukraine. He said it was the CIA and Masons who started the trouble. This is the direct occupation of Ukraine by the US through figureheads.
  • Lots of people in Ukraine would like to join Russia and welcome help from Russia.
  • There is a lot that we are just learning about how the US has been involved in color revolutions in other countries.
  • Stevia, the sweetner added in MANY food and drink items is a contaceptive = Population Control Food and Drink in any package is simply not safe. Save your seeds, plant your organic seeds. To survive we all need gardens and not rely on the grocery.







  • It’s important to know that DeSantis came from Harvard and Jeffrey Epstein funded huge amounts into Harvard the same time DeSantis was there and huge part the funding went into Harvard Law studies and students graduating there.

Later on DESANTIS would work as a Florida State Prosecutor,> >>the same time EPSTEIN would be investigated of having sex with underage girls //))) Epstein was investigated for Underage sex with minors and a SECRET DEAL was made with the Florida Prosecutors and Epstein got a slap on the wrist*
… Epstein went to jail shortly but was released daily to live his normal life and return to jail in the evenings (some evenings) , the Florida Prosecutors also agreed to stop investigations into Epstein and all Police reports were seized by the Florida Prosecutors, and officers were silenced on discussing Epstein case[s]

Ron DeSantis played a huge role behind the scenes in securing a light sentence for Epstein and allowing the SECRET DEAL to happen with Epstein

  • Exposing the United Nations is KEY to preventing their plans. If they fall, the WEF and WHO will fall as well, as they are all interconnected. Without the UN, the WHO and WEF are powerless.
    What you will see next Saturday, Jan. 28th is MIND BLOWING, and also encouraging and inspiring. It will be life-changing.There is no specific time. Friday night the film will be put online, so it can be viewed on Saturday by people around the world. After that, it will of course stay online.Anyone will be able to download it, in any of the seven languages, and repost it anywhere you want, so the truth can explode worldwide.
    People around the world will be able to sign up for emails in these 7 languages, so they will be informed much more in-depth after the event, and be able to spread the truth even more worldwide!Make sure to go to StopWorldControl.com
    next Saturday, Jan. 28th.
    Support this project!!
  • Senator Diana Sosoaca of Romania exposed “the mass killing worldwide through alleged pandemics and the imminent need to inject untested vaccines that kill people or through wars that reduce the world’s population but rearranges international politics realigns power poles and alters borders. We have lived to witness the production of earthquakes on command, which is actually an attack on Turkey by the  greatest of the world who totally disliked being set up by Erdogan, the President of Turkey. Moreover, his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukrainian-Russian war deeply disturbed them especially since Turkey is the second great power from a military point of view within NATO. His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO, his speech in Davos, as well as the gesture of leaving in the middle of the press conference, defying Schwab, did not remain without an echo among the cold world of leaders of the world.
  • But no one thought that people would have to die, so many people, and in such a terrible way. And it’s just a warning, because it wasn’t the most populated area of Turkey. 150 aftershocks of a devastating earthquake, the second larger than the first, without the existence of an epicenter, the area being artificially stimulated, geological weapons having existed for a very long time being used so far without causing too many casualties, probably for experiments. Now it has been put into practice. If we look carefully at the map of Turkey, we will see that it is furrowed by gas and oil pipelines, this being actually one of their goals. But 10 seconds before the so-called earthquake, the Turks closed these pipelines. In addition 24 hours before the earthquake 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey. 5 days before its occurrence, the Romanian ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey, although there was no danger, as did other countries. By killing people they served their interests. The maps shown on all the television channels show that there was no epicenter, but a line with thousands of earthquakes.
  • The Turkish secret services are investigating a possible “criminal intervention” (read the involvement of another state in triggering the first earthquake), what followed later being a chain reaction after the destabilization  of the tectonic plates in the region. It is very clear that President Erdogan was punished for his courage, dignity, and honor and for his closeness to the Russian Federation, in fact a position of neutrality and mediation for peace. In addition, it is desired to divert people’s attention from Ukraine where representatives of many countries have already begun to shout against the despotism and orders given by President Zelensky, as if he is ruling the world and someone is obliged to send weapons and participate in his war, in a war in which he sacrificed his people and destroyed his entire country. Anyone who speaks of peace is put on the pole of infamy and attacked from all sides. This is what happened in Romania when I started the unique initiative “Neutrality for Romania the Peace from Bucharest”. They all rushed at me, although now after one year of war, almost all of them say everything that I said and supported from the beginning, claiming now they are the source of these ideas. Plagiarists! Pharisees! Judas! Because of you, people have died and continue to die. You all have hands stained with the blood of millions of people, killed for the interests of some madmen who wish to rule the world.
  • Unfortunately, at the Romanian leadership level, we only have incompetents, plagiarists, idiots, thieves, robbers, criminals, cowards, traitors, and the list goes on. These incompetents, awarded by foreign countries for special merits in their support, but at the expense of Romania, are trying at this moment to turn Romania from a neutral, sovereign state into a servile and offensive state through which some great powers can exercise their warlike actions and turn Romanians into cannon fodder for the benefit of others. Judas! We will stop you at any risk and at any cost! Leave Romania to be sovereign and neutral! We are not interested in anyone’s wars. We have always defended our nation and land, and we have not attacked anyone.
  • You should know we have always been in the losing camp, even when the camp won. We have always paid. ENOUGH! STOP HERE! Romania will keep its neutrality no matter what you have promised to others, YOU TRAITORS! We have an obligation to keep good neighborhood relations in the region, whatever others ask you. If you are not able to defend our peace, and you are not, then leave or we will take you down! It is very clear to me that at this point things at the international level have gotten out of hand. The fools are playing as God and think they have won the game.
  • Because of these demented and psychopathic people who cause wars and cataclysms using unconventional warfare, we humans are just numbers they can get rid of. It is imperative that all the nations, the peoples of the world, rise up together, wake up from daily comfort, and just like in 1848, we’ll begin the struggle for liberation from the yoke of psychopaths, of demented people who steal our happiness and the beautiful world that we live in. That’s why I urge all of you who still want to live in a world of God, not of satan, I urge you to rise up to fight, to a world revolt to free us all and to destroy these enemies, because in this moment we are in LEGITIMATE DEFENSE! Take the claws off Turkey! Take the claws of Romania! Take the claws off God’s people! Warning to the psychopaths of the world: If you need people to die, we need you to perish, too! It’s all or nothing. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth! Talion’s Law! – END of Senator Sosoaca’s speech
  • Berlin’s 2021 election was marred by irregularities which included long queues and voters receiving incorrect ballot cards. The highest court then ordered in November 2022 that the election be rerun, which yesterday resulted in a win for conservatives and booted the Social Democrats who have governed the city state for 22 years.
  • 5G Towers have been converted to Tesla Healing Towers!
  • About 130 people in north Louisiana had to evacuate Jan. 28 after a train derailed and at least two cars began to leak hazardous products. 4 trains have derailed so far.
  • In 1994 160 Nations Agreed to Reduce the World Population to 800 Million by 2030 – Agenda 21
  • Report: Secret company manipulates elections worldwide
    According to an undercover research, an Israeli company has successfully influenced 27 elections and votes. An Israeli company manipulates, according to one report of the news magazine Spiegel, worldwide elections. Who exactly is behind the company is still unknown. International research involving the mirror shows that the secret company apparently controls fake news campaigns and hacks high-ranking politicians. All to gain money and to influence elections for the clients.
  • Putin said, ” We are fighting against satanists. This is a holy war and we have to win.THIS IS WHY THEY SAY PUTIN IS THE ENEMY.He’s a Christian world leader who clearly recognizes the spiritual significance of this fight, and he is on the RIGHT side of it.
  • Operation PaperClip.
    This is why we are in the situation we are right now.
    We made a deal with the devil.
  • Pfizer was granted the first patent in 2021 for cellular tower connection and communication with graphene oxide injected into humans worldwide for the purpose of contact tracing and elimination under the guise of a fake virus and a fake pandemic.
  • A liter of Adrenochrome sells for 2.2 Billion USD. That’s why you see only the most wealthy addicted to it. It takes just over 100 children to produce a liter. They electrocute them repeatedly and then drain their blood.
  • Another train derailment, this one outside of Detroit, Michigan in Van Buren Township, with one car carrying hazardous materials.
  • Ron DeSantis endorsed by George Soros!
  • IDAHO 🔥🔥🔥”Idaho lawmakers introduce legislation to criminalize those who administer COVID vaccines””The bill would make administering an mRNA vaccine — a COVID vaccine — a misdemeanor.”

    “Sen. Tammy Nichols, R-Middleton, and Rep. Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, sponsored HB 154. It was introduced in the House Health & Welfare Committee on Feb. 15. According to the bill text, “A person may not provide or administer a vaccine developed using messenger ribonucleic acid technology for use in an individual or any other mammal in this state.”

  • Days before the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment the city sent out MyID’s to the people. MyID’s are digital trackers that track longtime health status, including difficulty breathing. It was part of a pilot program to provide better treatment for anyone in case of an emergency. The timing is such a coincidence!
  • The media starts the history of Russia/Ukraine with Russia invading Ukraine. What happened before that? Especially in 2014 when the US overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine and provoked the invasion.
  • Tho
  • Thousands of people are coming to Salvation in the Philippines.
  • Nationwide revival broke out in Uganda.
  • A large explosion has been reported in Bedford, Ohio with at least 12 burn victims being reported. Authorities were called on the scene at a Bedford metal factory on Monday at the 22500 block on Alexander Road around 2:30 pm. This was Feb. 21.
  • Putin played the New World Order game long enough to climb as high as the position of President – then he abruptly turned his back on them, prompting Jacob Rothschild to accuse him of being a “traitor to the New World Order.”Brave Vladimir Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances.”Putin recently reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”

    This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy the New World Order, and according to a Kremlin source Putin is making great strides towards this goal. This happened in 2016.

  • Putin says that Ukraine was taken over by nazis in 2014 by a coup, which we now know was implemented by George Soros/CIA who openly bragged about it…
    He says that nazis infiltrated Ukraine and display their symbolism without shame.
  • Remember the PCR tests? Well the MSM have confirmed that they were laced with poisonous chemical Sodium Azide.
  • Highlights from President Putin’s speech today.- “See what they do with their own peoples – the destruction of the family, cultural and national identity, perversion, mockery of children and pedophilia are declared the norm.”- “Look at the Holy Scriptures…the family is a union of a man and a woman.”

    – “The Anglican Church, for example, considers the idea of a gender-neutral God…forgive us, Lord, for they don’t know what they do.”

    – “We must protect our children.”

    This is why the Global Satanic Pedophile Cabal hates Putin!

  • Larry Fink CEO of Black Rock. They don’t like democracy, it’s messy. They like:Digital ID
    15 minute cities
    Food control
    Social CreditTotalitarian control over all humans.
  • Putin:
    18% rise in funds for families, we need to give families more
    Raise in education and money
    Return this money back to the people,
    this must be done quickly especially in regional areas.
    No interest credits and will be automatically paid, commissions to the government but no need to try to hunt these programs down, they will be ready available
    We have started new big programs to update/renovate all schools, all moneys will be given to do this and we will build more and fund it.
    Monies given for updated transportation and Clearwater projects.
    The government/ parliament must start
    this immediately
  • 🚨 New Study Finds “COVID-19 Vaccines Did Not Only Not Save Lives But They Are Highly Toxic”“The all‑population vaccine-dose fatality rates…are all comparable in magnitude, in the range of approximately 0.03 % − 1 %”
  • Serdar Hussein, head of the Turkish Space Agency, said that “Warrior satellites can send 10-meter rods from space that penetrate 5 kilometers into the ground, causing a 7-8 magnitude earthquake.- Blue flashes in the sky seen before every earthquake in Turkey (exemplified by the flash just before the earthquake on the Turkey-Syria border, Feb. 20)Hala Hasan, director of a top seismic research institute at the University of Damascus, noted that there is a change in the electrical and magnetic fields of the atmosphere before earth tremors…

    Draw your own conclusions

  • As people from all over the country traveled to Arizona for the Super Bowl and the WM Phoenix Open, police say nearly 350 arrests were made in connection to an operation that targeted human trafficking and sex crimes.
  • President Putin has been speaking out against the New World Order and their promotion of pedophilia for years.Putin, like Trump, is a Christian, a nationalist, a staunch anti-globalist/NWO and an outspoken critic of pedophilia. During Putin’s 2016 Christmas speech, something you’ll never see in the MSM, he spoke out against the New World Order agenda to promote pedophilia. He stated that Western culture is promoting that “faith in God is equal to faith in Satan”. Putin said this about pedophilia:“The excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these countries indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimization of parties that promote the propaganda of pedophilia.”
  • Russian President making a landmark speech in MoscowPutin: “We are not at war with the people of Ukraine, they became hostages of the Kiev regime and Western masters who occupied this country.”
  • Putin : the promises and statements of Western rulers turned into forgery and cruel lies. The West supplied weapons, trained the nationalist battalions. Even before the start of the SMO, negotiations were underway on the supply of air defense systems and aircraft. We remember Kyiv’s attempts to obtain nuclear weapons.
  • Putin: The United States deployed bases and biological laboratories near our borders, mastered the theater of military operations, prepared Ukraine for a big war.
  • Putin: while Donbass was on fire and blood was shed, and Russia was sincerely striving for a peaceful solution, the West was playing on people’s lives, playing with “marked cards”. They behaved the same way, destroying Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria. The concept of honor and decency is not for them.
  • Putin: in response, we received an indistinct, hypocritical reaction. NATO expanded to our borders, new missile defense position areas were created.
  • Putin : they spare no expense to encourage unrest and coups around the world. At a conference in Munich, Russia was blamed so that everyone would forget what the West had done in recent decades. Entire regions are in chaos. American experts say that as a result of the wars unleashed by the United States after 2001, more than 900 thousand people died, more than 38 million became refugees.
  • Putin : Recently, one of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was given the name “Edelweiss” as a Nazi division that participated in the deportation of Jews, executions of prisoners of war, and punitive operations. SS chevrons are very popular in Ukraine. Wehrmacht marks are applied to the equipment.
  • Putin : we are not at war with the people of Ukraine, they themselves are a hostage of the Kiev regime and its Western masters, who occupied this country, destroyed its industry and robbed its wealth.
  • Putin : The goal of the West is to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, to end us once and for all. We will respond accordingly, because we are talking about the existence of our country.
  • Putin: we remember what problems the late Soviet economy faced. The Russian economy was created on a market basis. However, in the end, our economy became oriented towards the West, as business was aimed at selling resources and making quick profits. It took years to break this trend, and we have achieved visible change.
  • Muslims by the millions are converting to Christianity! This has never happened before, and the astounding explanation given by many of the converts is that they are seeing dreams and visions of Jesus.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Blue Cross Blue Shield pays pediatricians a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2.BUT pediatricians lose the whole bonus unless at least 63% of patients are fully vaccinated, and that includes the flu vaccine.
  • Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and OrderMar-a-Lago, FL—President Donald J. Trump unveiled his new plan to stop out-of-control crime and keep all Americans safe. In his first term, President Trump reduced violent crime and stood strongly with America’s law enforcement. On Joe Biden’s watch, violent crime has skyrocketed and communities have become less safe as he defunded, defamed, and dismantled police forces.“Joe Biden and the ‘Defund the Police’ Democrats have turned our once great cities into cesspools of bloodshed and crime,” President Trump said.

    President Trump’s Plan to Keep American Communities Safe

    1. President Trump will sign a record investment in hiring, retention, and training for police officers. The bill will increase vital liability protections for America’s law enforcement officers.

    2. President Trump will require local law enforcement agencies receiving DOJ grants to return to proven policing measures such as stop-and-frisk, strictly enforcing existing gun laws, cracking down on the open use of illegal drugs, and cooperating with ICE to arrest and deport criminal aliens.

    3. President Trump will take on the radical Marxist prosecutors who have abolished cash bail and refuse to charge criminals. President Trump will direct the DOJ to open civil rights investigations into radical leftist prosecutor’s officers, such as those in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to determine whether they have illegally engaged in race-based law enforcement.

    4. President Trump will instruct the Department of Justice to dismantle every gang, street crew, and drug network in America. President Trump has also called for the death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers.

    5. President Trump has committed to deploying federal assets, including the National Guard, to restore law and order when local law enforcement refuses to act.

    6. President Trump will order the Education and Justice Departments to overhaul federal standards on disciplining minors.

    7. Finally, President Trump will sign concealed carry reciprocity legislation, fully secure the border, dramatically increase interior enforcement, and wage war on the cartels.

  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources Estimates 44,000 Animals Killed By East Palestine Train Derailment
  • Japan launched an investigation into millions of Covid vaccine deaths.
  • There was a lightning strike during Brazil’s carnival that electrocuted many of the partygoers.
  • Joe Rogan is revealing so much truth! He talked about how the Vatican is its own country filled with pedophiles.
  • The people I know are completely oblivious to this:January 9th – Lake City, SC train derailmentJanuary 19th – Zainsville, OH Ohio Central Railroad derailment

    January 21st – Loris, SC train derailment

    February 3rd – Irvine, CA Suspicious Chemical Spill at Village Apartments

    February 3rd – East Palestine, Ohio Norfolk Southern derailment

    February 12th – Enoree, SC CSX train Derailment

    February 13th – Montgomery, TX Union Pacific train derailment

    February 14th – Londonderry, NH Stonyfield Yogurt chemical spill

    February 15th – Tucson, AZ chemical truck wrecks and explodes on highway

    February 16th – Oceanside, CA chemical truck collision and spill on highway

    February 16th – Catoosa, OK Holly Energy Partners chemical tank fire

    February 19th – Philadelphia, PA 18″ pipe bomb found near railway

    February 20th – Bedford, OH I. Schumann & Co. metals plant explosion

    February 20th – Ban Buren Township, MI Norfolk Southern derailment

    February 21st – Gothenburg, NE Union Pacific train derailment

    February 21st – Oakwood, OH Oakwood manufacturing plant explosion.

    February 22nd – Uranium fire at Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge

  • This is HAARP in action over Turkey on Feb. 6, 2023, just before the earthquake.

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