Birthday Party – Douglas Style

I always want birthday parties to be special.  We have so many that sometimes it feels blasè.  But when the time approaches, I start to get that rush of adrenaline that I need to pull off a fun, exciting party for the honored one.  This time it was our baby’s turn.  She turned 2.  She acts older than she is, so it seems appropriate that she would be that old.  She is one of the most loquacious babies we have had yet.

Her oldest brother prayed a blessing over her.

She liked seeing a picture of herself on her cake.

She got some help from big sister in blowing out the candles.  They did great!  They had them blown out before my camera would snap the picture!

She actually let Anna put her hair up and make it fancy.

She didn’t need much help opening presents this year.

Another musician!

And all the girls love My Little Ponies.

We all enjoyed the strawberry cake with 7-up and strawberry jello poured over it and then sweetened strawberries on top and then cool whip on top of that.  Yum yum!

This is her birthday door!  She even got a card from Evangelist Kumar in India!

So we had another big, exciting family birthday party.  All it takes is a birthday cake (made by Mommy), balloons, a few presents, candles, everybody singing happy birthday, lots of pictures being taken, and brothers and sisters and Mommy and Daddy paying extra special attention to the honored one.  Some of the kids like to dress up a little.  But mostly, we just try to make the birthday child feel special.

It is a little more difficult to do this when we celebrate our January birthdays.  Since we have 5 of them!  But we’ve always been able to pull it off somehow.

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  1. Aw, that’s so cute! Her hair looks adorable like that! That’s the right way to do a baby’s party, usually baby parties are just a time for the baby to be neglected while all the adults hang around and talk-or drink.0.0 Good job!

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