Talents Abound – You Just Have to Recognize Them

A feat of balance and engineering!  Think about it, this must have been difficult to do.  Arthrogryposis did not stop him from developing good fine motor skills and carrying out the ideas he sees in his mind.  I’m so thankful for what the Lord has done for Patrick.

But Patrick was not the only one building with blocks this week.  Garrett was inspired to build a very interesting diamond castle.  He tells us about it here:

And the kids have been playing some vintage Mario games together.  It is very interactive and engaging.  They read together and enjoy the story line.   They share a fun bonding time.

I’m happy that they like to hang out together.  Not every family does.  We have had some people try to lure our kids out by trying to make them feel like they should hate being stuck in a big family.  Planting some pretty poisonous seeds.  But we have come through that threat and all of the children are content again with our big, happy family – warts and all.


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