Safe Haven News for October – It Feels Like Everything’s Fall-ing Apart

Safe Haven News for October

Dear Readers of Safe Haven,

I hope you are holding onto hope!

I heard from the Lord the other day: “Hope is not lost. Far from it! Your eyes have not seen, your ears have not heard, nor has it entered into your heart what I have prepared for you. Your hope is in Me . And I will never let you down.”

I remember when He highlighted Romans 5:5 to me. He said to me personally that hope does not disappoint. So I took Him at His word and kept hoping. And the situation we were in at the time turned around completely. I mean completely! If you read my book, Refined By Fire, you’ll see what happened. It was a huge miracle! Okay, I’ll give you a hint. It involves a large sum of money from the last place we expected it to come from. Now go get my book and read the story! It will give you hope.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!

The words the Lord gave me for this year were turnaround and release. We are waiting for the fulfillment of these words, but I know that it’s coming.

It does look like everything’s falling apart, I admit. I see the markets failing. I see threats of nuclear war. I see inflation and food shortages that our own government is causing. Are they just stupid, or are they doing this on purpose? What do you think? They are doing it on purpose. Our leaders don’t care about what happens to us.

But our God cares deeply about what happens to us. And He is making His moves to shake the kingdoms of this world. The evil rulers are coming down.

It’s hard to cope with the fact that our own nation has been the bad guys. The CIA has started wars in other countries just to get control of their resources. Agencies that we thought were doing good things for our nation have actually been just taking money from us and pocketing it and spreading it out among their cronies. We all need to do some more research and find out what has really been happening in our government for the last 40 years or more. And what about that FBI? Thank God for the whistleblowers.

Some people are still standing with Ukraine. They don’t understand the corruption that has taken place there with the Bidans and other elites from our country and others. There has been so much money laundering happening and who knows what else. The four regions that voted to go back to Russia are celebrating. They have been under attack by Kiev since 2014. The people there are happy. They are Russian, and they want to be under Russia’s auspices.

And the pipeline. Do you really think Russia benefits from blowing up its own pipeline?

They have worked really hard to make us hate Russia, but it’s starting to look like Russia is morally superior to the West.

The talk of nuclear war is just to wake people up even more. A very rude awakening.

Putin is pointing out that the US is the only one that has ever actually used nuclear weapons on people. I’m feeling more and more ashamed of our government and the military/industrial complex.

I may lose my email provider, but I feel like I need to get this information to you. I don’t know if you’re hearing it anywhere else, but it’s not that easy to find.

I believe God is revealing the deep and secret things. He’s opening the sealed book.

The globalists’ idea of a reset is not going to happen. God’s idea of jubilee and debt forgiveness are happening even now. Do you know anyone who has had their mortgage or car loan paid off recently? It has happened. It is slowly rolling out, but it’s going to pick up speed in the coming months.

Don’t let fear get a hold of you no matter what you see or hear. God has raised up a mighty army to carry out His plans, and they are working behind the scenes to change everything for us and for the nations of the world.

There will be a reset. We need one. But it’s not the one the WEF is trying to accomplish. Nobody wants what they’re trying to force on us. If we own nothing, I can guarantee we are not going to be happy.

And if you are concerned about the environment, no need to worry anymore. The White House has just appointed an ambassador for plants and animals. Yes, really. Oh yeah, she’s the wife of Bidan’s chief of staff.

Let’s do what we can to save the children. Our own children and the ones who are victims of trafficking and other forms of abuse. Children are being exposed to such depravity, and even their parents are involved in it. They are even taking their children to gender clinics and ruining the lives of young girls, mostly. In schools some teachers are telling them to be nice to pedophiles. Just call them minor attracted persons. What is the agenda here?

For the children’s sake, we must speak out. The schools are not safe for children.

I think homeschooling is the best option, but if you really can’t do it, then please find some place besides the public schools.

Speaking of homeschooling, here’s a post I wrote about why Spirit-filled parents should homeschool their children.


And here’s a post about an effective way to homeschool your children.


And one more to help with getting your kids to do their work without a fight.


And if you need some prayer power for those days when homeschooling is feeling too hard, here’s a book full of powerful prayers to transform your homeschool, or at least your homeschool day.


If you’re looking for journals for your kids, I’ve got several for you to choose from. I just wrote a Gratitude and Listening Prayer Journal.


And I have a Copywork journal, a reader’s journal, a writer’s journal, and some narration journals.

You can find them here:


I pray that God blesses each one of you. I pray that your peace remains in Him no matter what the circumstances look like. God has it all under control, and God wins. For Narnia lovers, Aslan is on the move!

Be bold and full of faith,

Penney Douglas
Safe Haven Homeschooling


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