Homeschooling Is…


Homeschooling is…

Family schooling – learning how to be a real family in a culture that has declared war on families

– learning how to do family God’s way

– learning how to live life together with our children

– learning how to develop loving relationships

– learning how to inquire of God about everything concerning our family

– learning how to cultivate a love for God in our children

– learning how to produce a sense of belonging and security in each member of the family

– promoting a love of family and cherishing your own family members

– introducing each child to God and demonstrating our relationship with God and love for Him

– teaching our children to trust God and letting God reveal Himself to them

– praying together every day

– praying for our children to know that God is real and the Bible is true

– praying for our children to have a hunger for the Word

– encouraging our children to get to know God for themselves

– doing everything out of love without selfishness and teaching our children to do the same

– praying that God will reveal to us gifts and talents of each family member and how to sharpen and improve them and use them for the Kingdom and to provide for ourselves and others

– praying for guidance to find out God’s purpose for our family and each member

– working together as a family in ministry (the way He tells us to do it!)

– producing income to finance Kingdom projects that God lays on our hearts

– letting God have His way in our family

That’s what I believe homeschooling is.

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