Being Creative with Fiona and Emma – Making Cards

I finally found a use for some of the scrapbooking materials I’ve been lugging from one state to another in my big, heavy scrapbook case. Making cards! Anna has actually made quite a few cards in the last several years, as I released my death grip on my beautiful and revered scrapbooking stuff and hesitantly let her cut into the papers and use the stickers and other supplies.

Now I have actually let myself cut into the papers and use them instead of hoarding them. I’m using them to bless others. And it feels good! I’m letting myself take some time to be creative. Always having a baby around was a major deterrent to getting the stuff out, but now my baby is 5, so it’s time! I still had to chase my baby away, because she stepped on one of my pads of scrapbook paper and wrinkled several sheets of it. I also found that there was some water damage to some of them, but they are mostly intact.

I am finally at a stage where I can actually like my finished product, too. What a victory! This is big for me. And I’m having fun.


Emma making a card for Grandma and Grandpa’s anniversary


Fiona using real scrapbooking supplies for the first time to make a card for Grandma and Grandpa.


Fiona’s card


Fiona’s envelope


My card for my Mom and Dad’s Anniversary




My card for Aunt Laura’s birthday. She will be 93 years old!!!

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