Weekly Wrap-up Nov. 9

Hobby Lobby and Mardel’s Inspire Crafts and Creativity

Gary and I had a date night for our Anniversary (number 24!), and I chose to go to Mardel’s Christian and Education Store. We had never been to one before. Wow! We were both like kids in a candy shop. There was something for everybody there. I just walked around looking at everything. Gary went one way, and I went the other. Of course, I ended up in the education department. I saw little prize toys and pencils and pads and remembered how much I used to love earning those things in Good News Club with my teacher, Evelyn Gilmer (who still calls me from time to time to see how I’m doing – she’s 95 years old now!).

I picked out 15 pencils, some bean bags, notebook pads, yo-yo’s, etc. and decided I would make a treasure chest for my kids. I will use it to motivate my kids to memorize things as the Spirit leads and to reward good behavior.

So far, I’ve let them pick out things from it when they cleaned, when they did schoolwork on a Saturday, and when they obeyed quickly.

Kelsey helped me decorate the treasure chest. She’s very artistic, and she has seen lots of treasure chests in the video games that she plays.

Abby picked a prize that was pretty and pink. It was tiny beads in a little bottle. She and Emma started stringing these itty bitty beads all by themselves. I was amazed that they could even do it. After a while they got tired of it, but they did really well, and I was glad they were working on fine motor skills without any direction or prompting.

Garrett picked this ball and cup toy that he earned by doing school work on a Saturday.

He about knocked himself silly a few times!


I went to Hobby Lobby for several reasons. Kelsey had been asking to go. I needed some magnets for the little girls to use on our metal trays for different activity sheets. I wanted fingerpaint for a neat craft idea I found on Pinterest.

After I got home, Garrett looked through the craft supplies I had bought. He exclaimed, “Mommy, you’ve outdone yourself!”

Look at what beautiful creations you can make with fingerpainting and leaf patterns! I got this idea from Jones Design Company. I originally got there from here: Amanda Christina’s Pinterest board – Fall Kids Crafts

We were supposed to put glitter on our wet paint creations, but I couldn’t find the box that has our glitter in it. I can’t wait until we get to where we want to settle so we can unpack all of our boxes! I quickly drove to the Family Dollar that is really close to our house, but they didn’t have glitter. I had to get confetti! But it worked pretty well.

Abby wanted this box of jewels. She and Emma grabbed these jewels and promptly started sorting them by color. I hadn’t said a word. It just shows that if you provide the supplies, kids will learn and develop skills with them. You don’t have to work real hard or plan all kinds of lessons. Just try to keep a kid from learning! You can’t do it!

A few more crafty things they did.

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