Miniature Golf and Plush Convocation

I took the six youngest kids to the park to get them out of the house (and to divert Abby’s attention from her many problems). Sometimes they just need a change of scenery to get them to stop being whiny and bratty. Sometimes they need to work off extra energy. So I loaded littles and mediums in the van and took them to the park. After playing on the swings and slides for a while, Emma had to go to the bathroom, so I took her into the community building. There she found golf clubs and colored golf balls. I decided to ask about the miniature golf and ended up registering the whole family. They have a pool there, too, so we may take the kids swimming there some time. Emma picked out a golf club her size and the color of ball she wanted. We went and got the rest of the kids and they picked out their golf gear. Then they played a rousing game of miniature golf. They had lots of fun!

Kelsey ordered a kit and put together these characters from a game she plays. It had very intricate, detailed instruction for putting them together and took her several hours to assemble them.

Kelsey has a menagerie of stuffed animals and plushes as she calls them. She brings them all out together sometimes and has a convocation of all of them from time to time. She sets them up in groups and puts them in various scenarios. The platypuses are the choir. Their beaks are pointing up in the air because they are singing. She and Morgan do voices for them and they act out all kinds of scenes. They are in their own world as they do this, and they laugh hilariously. Sometimes they get so loud that we have to go in and tell them to quiet down.

Do your kids do crazy things like this together?

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