Gary’s First Birthday – in Texas

We have a tradition of Patrick lighting the candles. I think we are trying to satisfy his “firebug” desire (which seems to be genetic).

This is most, but we’re missing a few. They’ll show up to help eat the cake!

Kelsey outlined the numbers of Gary’s age with the candles we had. She made a 4 and a 6, in that order. We did not want smoke alarms going off or fire trucks visiting the house.

A rare treat! He does smile. But hardly ever for pictures. And a cheesy smile at that!

Good looks run in the family, don’t ya think? But we all know what’s most important – owning a fancy car! Ha!

Somebody turned the light on when we finished singing and the light bulb blew! So we all sat in the dark for a couple of minutes until we found another light switch to turn on.

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