Away, Away, Away

Putting things away, packing things away and throwing things away.

And Emma and Abby are having a fashion show, trying on all the clothes I’m trying to deal with.

And then throwing them on the floor.

Gary has found a house that would be nice, but he’s not sure about the location. Lots of traffic close by, etc. He’s going to look at another one tonight. It has 5 bedrooms, but it looks like the study could be a sixth bedroom. I am anxious to know where our next house will be. The first owner accepted our application. Hopefully, the second one will be as quick about it, if that’s the house for us.

We’re still looking for movers and trying to decide our best, most cost-effective option.

We’re making good progress on packing.

The littles are patiently waiting. They don’t understand why we didn’t just go to Texas already. Sometimes, I wonder, too.


  1. I just called PODS and checked with them, and it sounds so good that I think we’re going to switch to them. We will have all the time we need to load it and get it to where we will need to unload it. Their main concern is to take the stress out of moving, which sounds very good to me right now. We will have a whole month to do whatever we need to do. And it sits at street level so you don’t have to carry and push everything up a ramp.

    Thank you so much for suggesting PODS. I think it’s going to be very good for us!

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