I’ve Been Busy

Cleaning, packing and preparing to move. We still don’t know where we’re moving to exactly. We still don’t have movers lined up. Pray for us. This is all very stressful.

I had to take the littles to the park yesterday to keep them out of the way. Now they’re running out of things to do since we’ve packed so much. Abby’s only 3, but she told me yesterday that she was bored. My kids have never said that word much, especially when they were only 3 years old. I don’t like to hear that word, but with her cute little 3-year-old accent, even that was cute! The way she said it sounded like, “I’m boid.”

Gary has been very concerned that the new job may not last very long, but we are trusting God for that. He’s still looking at other job possibilities! It’s hard to focus with so much on my mind.

But God is helping us through all of this, just like He always does.

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  1. I know we haven’t “known” each other long, but I am thinking of you in your situation and praying that God provides what you all need in the time it is needed. Mostly, a little prayer for peace–Moving can be stressful! I do agree, God can see us through anything!

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