The Enemy Rages, But We Will Prevail

Still no house, but we do have a moving company lined up. We’re going to have the freight company ABF move our stuff. We’ll load, they’ll drive our stuff in a semi trailer. They’ll take it where we tell them to, and we’ll unload it there. All for under $3000. It sounds like a good deal to us. We’ll all get to ride together in our van down there. We may have to stay here in York an extra week to get the house stuff figured out.

Believe it or not, I may have to go to court on June 25 because the property management group has sued us for unpaid rent for July – next month(!), which isn’t due until July 1st and for a garbage and sewer bill that they say we didn’t pay for the whole year and a half that we’ve lived here. The funny thing is, we haven’t seen a bill for the garbage and sewer the whole year and a half that we lived here. The first bill or invoice they ever sent me was an invoice in my email on June 1st, about 2 weeks ago.

Does this sound fair to you? The woman who runs the property management group called Gary and left him a voice mail where she was screaming that she was going to get us out of this house whatever it took. So now we’re getting out of the house, because we actually have a place to go and a job that is supposed to last longer than 3 months, and now she’s trying to get every cent out of us she can and tormenting us by taking us to court besides. Nice, huh? And this may keep us in the house longer than we would have been!

Well, God is blessing in the midst of all this commotion. We have definitely struggled, but we’re praising Him in the storm. He is helping us to see how to stop in the midst of the chaos and turmoil and consult with Him about what’s happening. And He has blessed us with peace and clarity when we do that.

We had an issue with a house in Texas already, too. We had one picked out, but they started getting all impatient about getting our cashier’s checks that I would have to send there from here. They were pushing us around and saying that they could continue to show the house until everyone had signed the lease and possibly rent it out from under us. Well, it would take a couple of days for those cashier checks to get there, and it will take me at least a week to get there to sign the lease. The realtor told Gary one thing last night and then sent him an email that said the opposite today.

So now, we’re going to look for a different house. We are not going to work with greedy, inconsiderate people any more. They treat renters like second-class citizens and owners/landlords like “lords”. Lords and serfs all over again. We’re tired of being treated that way. If it takes a little longer, I will not hurry or feel like we’re stuck dealing with unfair, unreasonable people. I will not fear what man can do to me. My trust is in God. This is a new place He has brought me to.

I’m trying to sell lots of furniture on Craigslist to lighten our load. Please pray that it sells. It would help a lot.

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