Emma Clowning Around

I was a clown once. They called me Cabeza de Lapiz (Pencil Head). I was a clown during my summer mission trip to Mexico City. I was not a funny clown. I was more of a loving clown. I hugged the children in the streets, and they kissed my makeup off.

Emma found my clown suit. She looked so cute and funny. She would make a much funnier, better clown than I did. Her pictures here are funnier than any I ever took in that suit. Maybe she will get a chance to entertain and love on the children of some poor country some day. Until then, I will teach her about Jesus and about the children in other countries who don’t know Him or His power. I’ll let God lead her in the way that she should go. And water her future with my prayers.


  1. So where’s the picture of you in it? LOL!

    She is too cute!

    I would love for you to check out my new meme…Worshipful Wednesdays.

    You can post a Christian song/hymn you love or just what worship means to you, how you worship, etc…

    Have a great day…hope the weather is agreeable in your corner of the world!

    Carolee Sperry – Hollenback

    1. The picture of me in it? In some photo album somewhere. I’ll have to look in some boxes to see if I can find it! I’ll let you know when I add it to this post!

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