Grandparents’ Visit and Anna’s Birthday Party

Garrett got to light the candles for the first time.

Anna’s cake reflects her personality and likes. It’s an ice cream cake, colored blue and green with musical notes all over it. All it needs is a pair of running shoes. Oh yeah, and an iPod.

Fiona loved hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa. My mom and dad still have it!

I bought candles that have a flame that looks the same color as the candle. The only problem was that you can’t see the flame unless it’s dark. We had her party in the middle of the day, which was very unusual for us, and you couldn’t even tell that the candles were lit. Kind of defeats the purpose!

Anna still managed to blow them all out.

Got a good, candid shot when she wasn’t looking, so she wasn’t able to make a goofy or disapproving face at me.

Dad likes to wear shirts that have funny sayings on them. He doesn’t talk much. He lets his shirts do the talking for him.

Mom always wears shirts that tell about how wonderful it is to be a Grandma.

Abby goes until she can go no more.

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