Getting Ready for Easter

I ordered this set just last week, and they made sure I got it in time. This is from the same company that I got “The Advent Book” from for Christmas, and the children just loved it.

Included in this kit is a set of Resurrection Eggs, the book called Benjamin’s Box, illustrated by Jack Stockman and autographed by him, a little box, and a nice gift bag to put it all in. I am planning to put it on the table on Easter morning with the Easter baskets, and designate it as a gift for the whole family. You can find this at the Celebrations and Traditions website.

I also ordered some really nice things for their Easter baskets this year from Christianbook.com, and they came the other day. I want to surprise the kids, but I’m going to share some of the things here. Let’s see if any of the kids are reading my blog!

I got some DVD’s of Tim Hawkins. We love his clean, Christian comedy. I got a Veggie Tale video for one of them. I got a devotional book for Young Women for one of my young women. I got a devotional for girls for Fiona and one for boys for Garrett. All of the devotional books are by Elizabeth George. There’s a book for Morgan called “The Boy Who Changed the World” by Andy Andrews. I found a book for kids about the five love languages. I’ll put it in Garrett’s basket but read it to all of them. I asked Kelsey to pick out a cross necklace from the Christianbook catalog. She picked the one that changes colors like a mood ring. And I got Jelly Bean Prayer coloring and activity books for Emma and Abby.

We have a centerpiece on our table that portrays the crosses and the empty tomb. Fiona has some ideas about putting a figure of Jesus in the tomb and then taking it out and hiding it somewhere and having the little ones hunt for it. That will be better than an Easter egg hunt! But I’m planning on doing an egg hunt, too. The kids love hunting for eggs.

And of course, I’ll put candy in their baskets.

And I’m planning to get pretty dresses for Emma and Abby. I already got one for Fiona. I don’t think I’ll try so hard to get a cute picture of Emma and Abby like I did last Easter. That was a catastrophe.

This is Good Friday, so we had prayer time and Communion all together. Gary led us over the phone from South Carolina.

Now I’m going to let them make Easter shape cookies yet tonight.

And the plan to make Easter even better than Christmas? I think it’s succeeding. The kids are VERY excited about Easter coming.

So what are your plans for Easter or Passover?

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