Easter Weekend in Which I Experience Meltdown and Resurrection Power

The weekend started out just about perfect.

We had a lot of fun making our Easter shape cookies.

Coloring eggs…

Daddy even got in on the fun.

Abby didn’t actually help color the eggs. She just happened to be occupied in the other room watching a movie. 😉 But she was sure proud of our colored eggs!

I had bought new outfits for our youngest four and neat stuff for baskets for all ten of the kids.

Abby was wearing a dress that matches Emma’s. It looks like she’s wearing a big, pink bunny in this picture.

I decided to get a picture of Emma and Abby in their matching dresses. This is where my meltdown started.

And continued to build.

And got worse.

Seriously??? Abby looks cute, but Emma, what are ya doing? Why won’t you look up for a teeny tiny second?

NOW she decides to look up.

I took picture after picture, but I couldn’t get a single one with them side by side in their matching dresses, looking at me and smiling.

I know what to do! Before our Easter egg hunt, I’ll change Emma’s dress so that she matches Fiona instead of Abby.

Success! Sort of. Not what I was really after. Maybe I was after too much.

Confession time.

Actually, these pictures are out of order.

Before the sweet picture of Emma in her new dress, matching her other sister, I had to give myself a timeout.

I realized that yelling at Emma and Abby and feeling frustrated was not the right way to celebrate the Resurrection. So I went upstairs and started loading all these pictures on the computer.

But I didn’t get the timeout I needed. My frustration followed me. Abby would not leave me alone. She kept climbing up on my lap, and she and Emma kept doing things to each other and crying and taking others’ candy and crying and the others kept coming in telling on each other and Abby and Emma kept crying, so I kept yelling!

Finally, some older people in the house came to my rescue.

They took the little ones away. I got some time alone.

I felt like taking a nap. I had awakened much earlier than usual. Even though it was early, I went downstairs and filled the baskets and listened to The Easter Song sung by Keith Green, then other songs by 2nd Chapter of Acts. I had a nice, peaceful morning. Then I made pancakes.

Then I guess I should have taken a nap. Maybe picture time wouldn’t have seemed so – harried. It absolutely wore me out!

After my timeout, I went and lay on the couch for a while.

The kids asked about the egg hunt. I said they would have to do it without me. Katie volunteered to hide the eggs for them.

They all wanted to take their Webkinz with them, so their baskets were full before they ever found any eggs. I couldn’t believe all the ways they could find to irritate me today! I made them clear their baskets out before they went out.

After the egg hunt, I was too tired to cook the big dinner we had planned – fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with all the trimmings.

Shawn was planning to make scalloped corn. He was tired, too. He suggested Arby’s. Being in the state of mind I was in, that sounded pretty good.

So I sent Gary out for Arby’s!

And I don’t even feel guilty!

I told Kelsey she was in charge of making Resurrection Rolls later. She readily agreed.

I was too tired to even get off the couch when Gary brought the food in. Fiona noticed and asked me if I was going to eat. I said I needed somebody to bring me a sandwich. She graciously brought me a sandwich and a drink, then another sandwich. Eating helped a lot. But I was still not back to normal yet.

As I lay there, I prayed. I really want to hear His voice. I really want to know His will for our lives. I prayed that He would speak clearly – the prayer I have been praying especially hard the last couple of days. After a rest and some quiet meditation and some food, I started to feel better. I got up and turned the Keith Green CD on again. Then Anna needed help with planting some tulips and hyacinths in front of the house. I went out and helped her.

Then I came back in and remembered that we had planned to make fruit pizza today. All of a sudden, I had energy! I called Kelsey on the intercom and told her to start on the Resurrection Rolls. I started on the fruit pizza.

Now, I don’t believe the thought of Fruit Pizza is what rejuvenated me. I believe that God touched me and restored my strength (and set me straight). I had Anna help me with the fruit pizza while Kelsey called together her crew to work on the Resurrection Rolls.

She explained to the younger ones that the marshmallow represents Jesus’ body and the butter and cinnamon and sugar represent the spices they put on his body before burial. The crescent roll represents the tomb. We put His body in the tomb for 3 days (8-10 minutes in the oven), and when we take them out, the body has disappeared. It is no longer there. And we have a yummy treat to eat. We even talked about the eating of His body being like eating the Bread of Life, which He is.

He is no longer dead but He is risen, just like He said.

I feel bad about my meltdown, but it’s good and humbling to be reminded of my weakness when I try to do things in my own strength. When I’m weak, He is strong. I went down, but He raised me up. I feel no condemnation from my Father. I know He understands. And my family is very forgiving, too.

So I was a living parable today. I planned and prepared, but I couldn’t carry it all out. I ran out of steam. I did it in my own strength and my own thoughts. But the day was not ruined. God rescued me from my own folly. He restored my strength and let me finish strong.

What a wonderful Daddy we have!

Praise Him for Resurrection Power!


  1. Unfortunately, I think I relate to this post best of all. I have way too many of these days lately…not always with your happy ending…or the Arbys! LOL! I’d be the hero if I pulled THAT one off! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your journey here. I’m gonna try that publish button again….maybe next week. 🙂 ♥

  2. Penney,

    Thanks for the honesty. How many times have we all experienced moments like this? Sometimes we plan and plan and hope for the perfect holidays and celebrations and forget that the perfect moments really are just the times like this, the times where we are all real. I’ve done it, too. The most honest face is the one we show to our families. Fortunately for us, they also see the most protective face, the happiest face, the most loving face. I love the fact that you moved beyond the frustration and to the resurrection power. Your love of Christ and His love of you put you right back where you belonged. 🙂

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