A Beauty of a Birthday



My little girl is growing up.

For her birthday, she asked me to do a makeover for her. I ordered her some nice makeup from Arbonne, through a Twitter friend, Teresa Bennett, who does Makeovers for Mercy. Her ministry works with Mercy Ministries, which helps young women put their lives back together. Teresa’s ministry conducts workshops for the graduates where they:

“learn about skin care, God’s order in nature in regard to colors and skin tones, and basic yet beautiful cosmetic techniques these precious girls can apply to go anywhere and look and feel beautiful. Most importantly, we learn that our inner beauty comes from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; it’s His Beauty that shines through us. Skincare and cosmetics are just icing on the cake… so to speak!”

Mercy Ministries is awesome. You really ought to go to their website and see the amazing impact they are having in the lives of young women who were struggling with abuse, eating disorders, depression, etc. Nancy Alcorn, the founder, is the real deal. She teaches these young women how to have a real relationship with God and mentors them through the deliverance and rehabilitation that they need.

Watch the video below to see some of the fruits of this ministry.

We always like to support good Christian ministries through our purchases as much as we can, so I’m glad I found Teresa on Twitter for my skin care and cosmetic needs.

I was happy that Anna asked me to do this makeover for her. It was a bonding time for us. You can’t have too many of those!

She will only wear makeup on special occasions, but I was thankful that she chose me as her teacher in this skill and showed such trust in me.

Gary made some of his yummy delicious Chinese food for Anna’s birthday dinner. He’s a great cook!

It looks like everybody wants to help Anna blow out the candles!

Abby’s ready for her cake.

It was an ice cream cake from DQ. Do you think she will get an ice cream headache?

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