Happy Constitution Day!

I don’t know many people who are really celebrating this today. But we have been studying the Founding Fathers for quite a while now, so I guess you could say we have been doing warm-up activities for this day in our homeschool. We have been reading a book called Drive Thru History: America with Dave Stotts in collaboration with David Barton. We like reading David Barton’s stuff because we know we are getting true history from the original documents and journals of our Founding Fathers.

We read about Benjamin Franklin. Then we read about Dr. Benjamin Rush. Now we’re learning more about George Washington. We have some great discussions based on questions raised by the study guide and from our own thinking.

One question that came to my mind was “Would George Washington be able to get elected President of the United States today?”

What about Thomas Jefferson? He was not a great public speaker. Would he be able to make it in politics in America today?

I posted these questions on Facebook, and I had some responses that Washington’s ethics and values would not allow him to get involved in the politics of today. They said that he would stay away from politics because he wouldn’t be able to stand the dishonesty and deals that are what Washington is all about now. Some said that good men stay out of politics today. Yikes, look at where our country is today!

I think we need to hit our knees, and not just on the National Day of Prayer. We are commanded to pray for our leaders. I think we also need to pray for our Constitution. It has been an amazing foundation for our country, but it is being attacked and ignored and denigrated in our day.

So celebrate and teach your children about the Constitution today. And pray for it. The values and standards of our people have dropped so much that they don’t even value this document that our democratic republican form of government was based on. Let’s raise the standard in our own homes. Teach your children so that they know what our country was really founded on. Teach them and pray with them for this great country of ours. Let’s make it great and good again. Starting with our own homes.

To get some information about the Constitution you can go to this site: constitutionday.com

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