Ways to Show that You Are Pro-Life

Adoption is a hot topic among the people I hang out with online. Many of them are actually doing it! They are blogging about it, raising funds for it, podcasting about it, starting adoption consulting groups, starting adoption agencies, and more.

I am so happy to see them putting their money (and hearts and lives) where their mouth is. We can say we’re pro-life, but until we do something personally that encourages or enables someone who is considering abortion to have another option, we’re not really living it. Adoption is one way of giving them an option.

I consider my large family a pro-life testimony. I believe that every baby is made by God. I will not do anything to keep the Lord from giving us another child. I really do consider them blessings. And I really don’t want to stop God from blessing us with a child. Or anything else. I want everything that God has for us.

Other people help with pro-life groups such as 40 Days for Life. I blog about them quite a bit and give updates on the amazing results they have seen. So many babies saved from abortion. So many mothers saved from making such a tragic mistake. So many abortion clinic leaders’ lives changed! I am truly in awe of what God is doing through 40 Days for Life. I believe they are reaping what was sowed by Operation Rescue and others who stood in front of clinics 30 years ago. They were persecuted and thrown in jail, but they persisted and others took up the cause and prayed and learned to show love to the victims of abortion, meaning the women and men who were deceived to think that they would not be doing anything wrong if they killed their baby. Now we’re seeing beautiful fruits from the Acts (the book of Acts in the Bible is still being written!) of today’s believers praying in front of clinics, showing love and compassion to these wounded, sad and deceived people who are looking for answers and hope.

Other pro-life people are taking the self-sacrificing, but totally blessed by God, step of adopting.

I want to tell you about one such family today. The little girl they are trying to adopt is named Albina. They are trying to raise $20,000 for this.

In order to do this they have a Chip-In widget on their blog here.

They are having a giveaway to help raise funds for the adoption. The prizes for the giveaway are amazing! They have lots of them, and they are prizes that you will really want to win!

Such as an iPad 2, an Amazon Kindle, Target $100 gift card, Amazon $50 gift card, Gymboree $50 card, iTunes $50 gift card, and much more!

You get an entry for each $10 you give through the Chip-In. This is how they get the money for their adoption of Albina. There are other ways to get more entries, such as sharing on Facebook and blogging about the giveaway.

I encourage you to go show your pro-Life colors and give to help with this adoption and then share about this fundraiser through which you could be blessed with an amazing prize. Icing on the cake!

You can’t lose!

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