Growing and Changing Together or Blessed Are the Flexible

After searching for the best place to establish himself so that he could grow and change and develop, our caterpillar chose a place right beside our first caterpillar.

Kind of like Gary and I found each other and are growing and changing side by side.

It’s a good thing we’re both flexible.

We were not thinking ahead to the holiday. We were just thinking about finally getting some money coming in after a whole month of nothing. We had a vague idea that maybe Gary could come home next weekend. As things developed (while we were talking on the phone), we realized he was going to be stuck there all alone for the three-day weekend. I told him to go ahead and come home when I realized the situation. He just moved in with a guy named Kurt. Things are going well so far, but Gary didn’t want to be there all weekend without us.

So we started talking about him driving home, then I realized that he needed to fly home to make it worthwhile. While we were discussing these things, he drove through a drainage ditch and popped the tire of his car.

He went inside his new home away from home and got on the computer. He found a place that sells the kind of tires we have on our car and found out their hours. He found some airline tickets that weren’t too terribly expensive.

So this morning he had to take his car and get a new tire. Fortunately, he had a warranty that allowed him to get the new tire for $11. Then he drove to the airport. He had an expired driver’s license since he lost his wallet a month ago. But God got him through the identification process. And he was able to fly home.

I had to drive to the airport in Baltimore and pick him up today.

None of this was planned until about 9:00 last night.

The first thing he wanted to do was to get stuff to make tacos. He made tacos for everybody and then sat down to eat with all of his kids while they watched a family movie together.

We have changed and adapted to each other in many ways. The fact that he’s here with us right now is proof that we have learned to work together pretty well!

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