Sudden Happenings and Why I’m Smiling

Since Gary has been working in another state, the task of taking the big kids to the YMCA every other night has fallen to – me. I don’t mind, really. It’s hard to get dinner for everybody on those evenings. I used to fix dinner while they were at the Y. But I am happy to get some time for exercise. And I also get some time for reading. I ride the exercise bike there and read a book that I brought along. Always multi-tasking.

Speaking of which, I also go nature hiking sometimes while the kids are inside lifting and running and shooting baskets. I went out last week looking for caterpillars, but I didn’t find any. 🙁 But I hit the jackpot this week. I found one Wednesday night, and he was pretty big, so I thought he was probably about ready to make a chrysalis. Well, I’m proud to report: He made his chrysalis yesterday. I didn’t have to feed him for very long at all!

Then last night, we went late to the Y, and it was already dark. But I went back to the patch of milkweed where I found the other one, and guess what, I found another one! He’s pretty big, too, so I bet he will be making a chrysalis today or tomorrow.

This is our newest caterpillar, Thomas. We named him for Thomas Becket, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas a Kempis, Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson and Thomas the Tank Engine. I just threw that last one in. We have been learning about some great men named Thomas! I hoped he would make his chrysalis near our first caterpillar. It looks like he may be thinking about it.

Oh, by the way, these are Monarch caterpillars, of course. The milkweed here is huge. That’s why I had such a nice juicy pod to plant seeds from.

Caterpillar Dancing to Andy Hunter Music from Penney Douglas on Vimeo.

Oh, guess what else. I get to drive to the airport and pick Gary up in about an hour. He’s coming home for Labor Day. We made some last minute plans since Labor Day snuck up on us, and in spite of some opposition from our enemy, Gary is flying here even as we speak. I’d better get off here and get ready for him and get ready for my hour and a half drive to the airport!

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