Playing Dress-Up

Our caterpillars are both dressed up as chrysalises now.

Fiona and Emma are dressed up as…?

Dressing up at Walmart. Emma is Captain America.

The twins are Thor and Spiderman.

What fun!


    1. No, we don’t trick or treat. We celebrate Freedom of Religion Day on October 31! We play a little game where they answer questions about things we’ve learned in school, at their own level, and they get candy every time they answer a question correctly. And then we do whatever the Spirit leads me to do. We had a great one last year. I had them watch the Peanuts Halloween special on the computer and then the next episode after that was about the Pilgrims and how they came here for Freedom of Religion! I didn’t know that episode was on there.

      I don’t have a problem with dressing up or getting candy, but I do have a problem with glorifying evil and the devil. So we have fun at home and get some school done at the same time. The kids love it. We don’t dress up that day, but as you can see they have freedom to dress up whenever they want to. We’re big into freedom here!

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