Our Baby Turns Three!

Abby turned 3 Saturday.

We went to see Cars 2 as a family. It’s the first movie we’ve all ever gone to the theater to see. We took up a whole row! We were all able to go because we have the van! PTL!

We enjoyed it, except halfway through it, Abby came over to me and said, “I hate this movie.”

I started explaining to her in simple terms what was happening – which wasn’t easy because the plot was pretty complex, and I had to really concentrate to follow what was going on myself. She seemed to hate the movie less after that, but it was still a little over her head. I bet she’ll watch it if we get the DVD, and she’ll probably like it better if she can move around or make noise or leave whenever she wants to.

Then we made a Strawberry-Jello-7-Up Cake for her birthday party. It was so delicious.

Then she opened her presents which we got in the reduced aisle at Walmart. We spent about $5 on each gift, except for the Hot Wheels cars. They were only $1 apiece. So we spent about $17 on her gifts and they made her very happy and kept her and Emma and the twins happy for hours that night.

So much Hello Kitty stuff!

Oldest daughter always decorates the Strawberry Cake.

She loved her presents! I have GOT to cut her bangs.

Dadgum! (as Mater often said in Cars 2)

As I uploaded this picture, Abby said, “Look at all my friends!” Her brothers and sisters are her friends.

Batman vs. My Little Pony: Who will win? I have GOT to cut her bangs!


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