Review of Felice Gerwitz Books

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series

By Christina and Felice Gerwitz at MediaAngels.com.

Book 1 The Missing Link: FOUND

by Christina and Felice Gerwitz

From what I understand, the reason that Felice and her daughter wrote these novels is that Felice noticed the lack of good books for younger readers to learn about Creation Science in an enjoyable way. Her daughter, Christina, suggested that Felice write one herself. So they wrote one together. And then they wrote another… and another. The results were exciting, action-packed mystery novels that contain lots of good Creation Science information.

Although these books are geared toward youth, I enjoyed them so much, I read them to myself before I read them to my kids.

As I was reading Book 1, I was continually amazed that Felice’s daughter, Christina, was only 14 years old (I originally wrote that she was 17, but Felice informed me that she was only 14 when they started writing these books!) when she helped her mom write this. I thought they wrote very well, and I truly enjoyed the story, the characters and the knowledge I gained from reading it.

The writers interweave Creation Science facts with an exciting story of a couple of mysteries that teen brother and sister, Christian and Anna Murphy, get tangled up in and help to solve as they help their dad with his job. They display good character, even as people around them show less than ideal character and behavior. They influence the people around them, but they don’t act stuffy or superior. They pray whenever they get in a tight spot, and they give thanks to the Lord when He delivers them. They seem like real-life kids, very likeable, not perfect but definitely learning to be Christ-like.

The mystery surrounds an excavation of a fossilized man that the paleoanthropologist leading the dig believes may be the “Missing Link”. Christian and Anna, along with their dad, hold onto their faith and their unswerving belief that man did not evolve and this fossil could not be the “Missing Link”. They watch and pray, and they find out in the end that things are not always as they seem.

I read the second book Dinosaur Quest at: Diamond Peak to myself first, too, because I was already reading enough books to the kids at the time, and I couldn’t wait! It was just as good as the first one. This time, the kids were on their own away from home, but they still maintained their integrity and behaved in a godly fashion in spite of extra freedom that they knew was more than their parents had expected them to have.

The mystery was exciting and was tied to the photography job they were there to do. They were to photograph a dig of a very large T-Rex dinosaur that the paleontologists believed was fully intact. The Murphys had lots of interesting discussions with the man in charge of the dig. Fortunately, one of the men on the team also believed in biblical Creation and helped them defend the faith. There was some foul play as someone tried to get rid of this man by cutting his climbing rope. Other mysterious things happened that caused the Murphys to seek out the truth that someone was trying to cover up. And through an accident, they made a very surprising discovery about the dinosaur fossil. But you’ll have to read the book to find out what it was.

The third book is just as exciting and action-packed as the first two. Keys to the Past: Unlocked has the Murphys exploring a sunken ship and finding an artifact that helps prove that civilizations were more advanced from the beginning than evolution models claim. They also have some very enlightening discussions with the researcher who is studying the ocean’s sedimentary layers to try to prove that evolution is true and the earth is billions of years old. The Murphys and their dad tell him some things that really make him think in a new way.

Felice wrote study guides for each of these books that help to extend the study of Creation Science and other topics that are explored in each book. They also help budding writers study literary techniques and help the teacher check for reading and vocabulary comprehension.

I would recommend these books to anybody who likes mysteries and is interested in learning more about how to defend the biblical account of Creation.

You won’t be disappointed. Your kids will love them, too!

I just found out about a neat interview that Felice did with her daughter, Christina, for the Ultimate Homeschool Expo in which they talk about their homeschool experiences and some of the background experiences for the writing they did in these books.

You can find that here!
Check out all of Felice’s other resources at MediaAngels.com.

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