On the Trail of the Civil War

We have interrupted our study of the Middle Ages to study the American Civil War because – that’s how life has taken us! Actually we’re studying both at the same time.

We just spent two weeks in Charleston and visited the harbor where Ft. Sumter is.

We had been planning a trip to Gettysburg since it’s so close to where we live but I was struck by dizziness and vertigo symptoms. I couldn’t drive anywhere until time for us to leave for South Carolina, and then I couldn’t drive us there, so Gary had to fly here and drive us down.

We had a wonderful time in Charleston, South Carolina, even though I was still struggling with dizziness.

When we got back, the kids were ready to see Gettysburg. I drove them there. I’m not comfortable with my role as chauffeur, but that’s how it is right now. So we went to Gettysburg, saw some artifacts from the Civil War and walked around the cemetery. It was a HOT day, but we all enjoyed ourselves.

And we did some identificational repentance and cleansing the land while we were there.

God has us here for some reason, and we’re just doing what He tells us to wherever He leads us.

So we really did follow the Civil War trail from Charleston and the South up to the North to Gettysburg. I’m still planning to read a book about General Lee to the kids that my friend Heidi recommended. And I want to read to them about Stonewall Jackson. They were such great men. We’ve already read tons about Abraham Lincoln.

I am so thankful that the Lord has enabled me to drive and do things with my kids in spite of the way the enemy has been attacking my health.

The devil is a liar, and I am healed in Jesus’ name.

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