We Made It!

By the skin of our teeth!  It was a struggle to get here to Pennsylvania.  We got a late start because of numerous “surprises” that cropped up.  We went to get the oil changed in the car, and they told us that all of our brakes were shot. Gary looked at them, and they were! So we had to wait for them to change all the brakes, and we paid a lot more than we had been planning for that trip to the garage. We had several last minute errands that took much longer than we expected. We didn’t get everything packed, so now the movers will have to finish packing for us.

We had some lighter moments during all of the stress of packing and finishing up all the last minute details.

The bachelor warming up pizza in the toaster
What used to be our computer room
Movies kept the little ones occupied while we all packed like crazy.

Our wonderful friend, Nelson, who is going to move our stuff for us
We did find someone to move our stuff at a reasonable rate. Our friend, Nelson, who has blessed us over and over again is about to do it again!

So much stuff to pack!

Then we arrived at my parents’ house too late for the turkey dinner my mom prepared for us.  My sister and brother and their families enjoyed it, though!

Then we got a late start again the next day because we couldn’t leave our parents without spending at least some time with them.

Then we hit terrible weather as soon as we took off.  It started snowing and freezing and cars started going off the road and crashing like crazy.  I hit my brakes when I saw the cars in front of me slowing down and the car just kept going.  It didn’t even slow down.  I cried out to Jesus and started pumping the brakes and they caught and I was able to stop.  But it looked like I was going to run right into the back of the van carrying the majority of my family and kill us all.  It was so scary.  The rest of the trip was the same way.  Even though the weather cleared up, it was really dark and people were driving crazy, and it felt like something was trying to kill us.  Once we reached Pennsylvania, the roads were very hilly and curvy.  We finally had to stop before we got to our destination because it was so late and we were so exhausted.   Everything about the trip was difficult and felt dangerous.

But we’re finally here, and we know that God has a plan and He will be victorious.  He already won a victory in getting us all here safely.

The countryside is beautiful here!

These are all pictures that Shawn snapped from the car on the way to see a house.

This is the house we looked at!

It’s beautiful, but we don’t know what God has in store. We’re going to look at several and pray and find out His perfect will for us.
We would appreciate your prayers, because this seems to be a big deal that the enemy does not want to happen.

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