Mama’s Birthday Surprise

Mama wanted to take a walk
But none of us wanted to.
‘Cause it was so very hot.
And we all had things we wanted to do.

But we went because we love her.
And she wanted it so bad.
Our hearts weren’t in it, but hers was
And we couldn’t make her sad.

It was her birthday.
And all she asked for was a walk
With all her children.
Didn’t seem like a lot.

We picked some flowers along the way
As children tend to do.
Then we fixed up a bouquet
Mama would like that, too.

But one flower
Was different from the rest.
Looking closer
We knew Mama would like this one the best.

There’s a caterpillar
Hidden deep inside this flower.
It’s very tiny
But it has a certain power.

‘Cause it’s her favorite.
Not just any common kind.
It’s a Monarch.
And we knew God had this in mind.

He loves to surprise her
With things that make her glad.
Because He delights in her.
He’s such a wonderful Dad!

Now she watches this creature
Once tiny but growing fast.
She knows there’s a reason
God put him in her path.

Like this creature
She feels tiny and unseen
But change happens swiftly
When God’s directing things.

Something big is coming.
He makes all things new.
Now her life is changing.
It’s ’bout time she flew.

She’s gonna fly
Up above the storm.
She knows just why
He keeps her safe and warm.

He loves to surprise her
With things that make her glad.
Because He delights in her.
He’s such a wonderful Dad!

©  Penney Douglas

The Lord gave me this poem in the middle of the night a couple nights ago.  I knew He was trying to tell me something through this caterpillar.  He explained it to me through this poem.

Thank you, Daddy!


  1. Wow! Sorry I didn’t make it to your blog this morning. That was my intention…but sometimes as mommy’s, things don’t always go according to plan! 😀 I really like your poem….I,too, feel the changes coming…and that God is about to do something big. I need some coffee time with you! Anyway, I need to run now, but I’ll be back!!! Thanks for reminding me to stop by. I really enjoyed it!!!

  2. […] If you followed my caterpillar-to-butterfly saga back in August and September, you might find this interesting. I was looking for the meaning of all that happened. I knew that God was speaking to me. But I wasn’t sure what He was saying to me exactly. These posts told more of the story here and here. […]

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