Finding Your Personal Penguin

I have made the cutest discovery! I don’t know how many people discovered this before I did, but it’s new to me.

I bought a board book at a library sale.

It was called Your Personal Penguin. It was written by Sandra Boynton.

I kept noticing the title as I saw the book laying on the floor, and I felt mild curiosity about what that book could possibly be about. One day, I picked it up and read it to one of my little ones. It was a cute little story.  I looked more closely at the cover and saw that there was a link online to a song by Davy Jones that went with the story.  I decided to check it out.  I watched the video of Davy making the song.  I loved it!  I’ve always liked his voice, and he still sounds the same as ever.

So I go to that website from time to time to listen to it again.  I even had the kids play it for my birthday party.    I really like this song.  The older kids do, too, though they don’t like to admit it. Here’s the video of Davy recording the song:

Scroll down near the bottom to see it.

Tell me if you like it, too.

Wow, I just went to the website again and started playing the songs that go with the other books she has written. I am blown away. She has been able to get famous musicians to perform these songs from the different genres, such as B. B. King singing a Blues song, One Shoe Blues and Steve Lawrence singing Blue Moo, based on the famous old song, Blue MoonBlue Moo book and CD is subtitled 17 Juke Box Hits From Way Back Never.  Also performing original songs based on her books are Neil Sedaka, Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys, Sha Na Na, and of course, Davy Jones.

I now have a new favorite author/illustrator/songwriter!

It’s so nice to meet you, Sandra Boynton.

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