Weekly Wrap-up Sept. 27

Pattern blocks are still very popular. Patrick made the first design above. I found these other patterns on my table. I don’t know who made them. Maybe elves.

Abby and Shawn had a picnic. In the living room. Shawn is such an amazing big brother.

We read Rees Howells:Intercessor. We are almost done with the book. We have been astonished by the way God spoke to him and led him to intercede specifically for certain amounts of money and for large estates that God wanted him to buy for Him so that He could establish a Bible college and a children’s home and school for missionaries’ children, and for God’s intervention in world events. His prayers were answered at the last minute, but they were answered every time. He prayed until he climbed up in faith, which sometimes took hours, then he knew when he had the victory and he rejoiced that it was done. All he had to do after that was wait for it to materialize. And it always did when he had God’s word on something. He wouldn’t pray about something until he knew what God’s will was in the matter.

Patrick went to train with Aaron Tuesday and Wednesday morning. He had this to say on Facebook:

“My day started with only a 30g protein bar, an Energy Fury, and little less than two hours of sleep. (Also I am still fighting off a mild sickness) Followed by running a mile and a half (with a recovering leg tendon) to my MA Teachers house; he led me through USMC’s basic PT test, followed by unarmed combat, staff, and escrima sticks for several hours. Finally I ran that 1.5 miles back home. Then I went out to catch some sun while I practiced Bo staff. After that, I went to the gym to hit the weights and practice form. We closed it down at 10:00 PM. And that was my day.”

He is working so hard. We’re not sure what he’s training for exactly, but he’s going to be ready for it.

Shawn and Patrick went to a Mongolian Barbeque with Aaron on Wednesday. That was a fun, cross-cultural experience for them. They liked the food. They got to choose which foods and sauces they wanted and then the chef stir-fried everything for them.

The youngest four have been excited to re-discover Math Blaster and Jumpstart online and have been playing it on the computer this week. It has been difficult to schedule time on the computer even though we have four of them online. We also have lots of playing of Webkinz now that Emma and Abby each have new Webkinz pets. They actually play on Webkinz Jr.

Anna is at the home of her friend from church trying on her poodle skirt and learning a 50’s dance for a surprise party for a special person at church. I can’t wait to see her in her poodle skirt!

I took the “Middles” to Family Dollar to get some candy as a reward for finishing their school work.

This weekend will be spiritually enriching. Shawn and Katie will be going to a Messianic synagogue with our friend, Lisa. Then they will go with her to a self-defense class that she is going to do a presentation for. It will involve teaching Hindus self-defense! And Shawn is going to be her simulated mugger.

While they are doing that, Gary, Patrick, Morgan, and Garrett will be at a Men’s Breakfast at church. We have been told that the speaker is very good and witty and should be able to keep even Garrett’s attention. He’s excited because he wants to drink coffee.

We are praying together at 6:00 every night. We are pressing in for our own home, our own land, a farm. We also have others who are praying with us at that time for us to enter our Promised Land and for them to enter theirs, too. We pray for them and they pray for us.

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What’s in the Bible?

I feel that God has shown me the way to teach my kids about Him in a way that will cause them to know that He is real. I have been careful to only do things that will show them that God is real and the Bible is true, not a book of fairy tales or fantasy. I have guarded against a religious spirit that could cause them to do things outwardly that seem to be Christian while leaving their hearts untouched. I have prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to show my children how much God loves them and how real He is. I want them to realize that the spiritual world is more real than this natural world that we live in.

I believe that the What’s in the Bible series of DVD’s from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, which gives an overview of what the whole Bible is about, are a great tool to help me reach these objectives. They fit in with my desire to help my kids understand that we are to take the Bible literally and apply the lessons to our lives. In these videos, Phil Vischer tackles some tough topics and explains them in a way that children (and adults!) can understand. They are really good for the whole family to watch together and learn the “Big Ideas” of the Bible and the broad scope of God’s plan of Salvation. Even parents will probably learn things that they didn’t know and gain understanding that they didn’t have before.

We are always amazed at Phil’s talent and versatility. He does the voices for ALL of the characters. And there are a bunch of them! I verified this by sending an email to Phil, and he answered me himself. I asked if he did ALL of the voices, and his answer was “Yep!” So there you have it. From the horse’s mouth, as they say.

We only have the first 7 videos right now, but the kids really enjoy them and have learned a lot from them. So I plan to get all of them in the future.

You can find the DVD’s here at 20% off at their website.

Weekly Wrap-up Sept. 20

We had a colorful week full of manipulatives! I got a box from Rainbow Resources today which contained several new copywork books and two containers of Pattern Blocks. My kids have always loved making things with Pattern Blocks. We had a big bucket full of Pattern Blocks in Ohio, but I don’t know where they ended up. But this is a new day, and God has blessed us with finances to get everything we need, including Pattern Blocks!

But first we did some more activities with M & M’s from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Letter of the Week – letter M.

Several of the kids worked on squeezing lemons and limes, and then I made lemon-lime-aid for them. They loved it!

Garrett memorized a poem which I already shared about. Fiona has almost memorized it, too.

Here are the Pattern Blocks that everyone got so excited about. They have been making things with them all week.

Emma built this tower. This is very good for her to practice her fine motor skills. She was very proud of herself!

We did Coloring Pages about The Constitution that I will send in to a coloring contest at Knowledge Box Central. Garrett, Fiona, Kelsey, Morgan and Emma and Abby colored these. We discussed what The Constitution is and the three branches of the government it established. We talked about the way it is being disregarded by the present administration and how some are trying to denigrate our Constitution and label it outmoded and outdated. We watched the Schoolhouse Rock video on YouTube about The Constitution, too.

We studied the Book of Acts from Picture This! Kelsey, Morgan, Fiona and Garrett did this.

We have read the Book of Acts before, but drawing pictures to go with it is helping them to remember it better. As I was reading about the angel setting the apostles free from prison, Kelsey asked why nobody has made a movie about the Book of Acts. I don’t know of a really good one, but it would be great if somebody would make one that shows how cool and awesome it was when the angel came into the prison and let them out and told them to go to the Temple and preach some more. Then the priests sent for them and were all full of themselves and were planning to interrogate them and rough them up some more, but the guards came back and said that nobody was in the cell. It was well-guarded, and there was no way out, but somehow they were gone! Then someone came in and told them that the apostles were at the Temple preaching again in the name of Jesus! It’s funny in a way. I think my kids are seeing how powerful and amazing God is and how He wants to do great things through us in the power of the Holy Spirit. Which is exactly what I want them to learn.

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Garrett Memorizes a Poem

Garrett memorized a poem that we got from Emma Serl’s Primary Language Lessons. I got this Language program from Living Books Curriculum. I have been using some things from it for the twins. We have enjoyed it so far.

Garrett and Fiona have both memorized this poem. Garrett is a natural. He’s also a ham!

We have also done some copywork and picture study from the book. It is based on the Charlotte Mason method, and I really like it.

Patrick in Training

Patrick likes to do things differently. We have about 4 kinds of cakes that we make for each birthday party. So I asked Patrick what kind of cake he wanted. He said, “Let’s try something different.” So he looked through a cookbook and said, “I want cheesecake.” Cheesecake?!!! I’ve never made cheesecake. Well, when Patrick asks for something I try to make it happen. So I made cheesecake. It actually turned out pretty good. It was kind of soupy at first, but it tasted good. The first one was devoured at the birthday party. We refrigerated the second one overnight, and it was perfect. The symbol made out of strawberries on the first one was the Halo 2 symbol. That’s a video game that the kids and Gary and lots of their online friends like to play together. Katie arranged the strawberries for me, and she came up with that idea.

We had two actual guests come to our party! They were friends from our new church we just started going to. Patrick met a guy named Aaron who knows all kinds of martial arts the first Sunday we visited Northwest Believers Church. The following week he started training with him. He has been so blessed by his training sessions even though he gets beat up! He loves it! I’ll never understand boys. So we invited Aaron and his sister Lisa to Patrick’s birthday party. The cheesecakes were still baking when they arrived, so I laughingly told them to play some party games while they waited. They all got a light in their eyes and set everybody up with controllers, and our birthday party turned into a Halo party!

After everybody got all set up, I said, “Hey, that’s not what I meant. Where’s the Pin the Tail on the Donkey?” They all just ignored me.

Emma and Abby are not playing Halo. They played Webkinz Jr. with their new Webkinz puppies.

These four played upstairs. The other four played downstairs. And 8 other people joined the party online. So they had 16 people playing at one time.

Gary and I went and got Arby’s sandwiches for everybody. When we got back the game was over, and we started the festivities.

Our two guests!

Morgan is growing so fast, I told him to wear his tux every chance he gets before he grows out of it. So he dressed up for the occasion!

Yes, we know how to throw a party at our house!