Weekly Wrap-up Sept. 27

Pattern blocks are still very popular. Patrick made the first design above. I found these other patterns on my table. I don’t know who made them. Maybe elves.

Abby and Shawn had a picnic. In the living room. Shawn is such an amazing big brother.

We read Rees Howells:Intercessor. We are almost done with the book. We have been astonished by the way God spoke to him and led him to intercede specifically for certain amounts of money and for large estates that God wanted him to buy for Him so that He could establish a Bible college and a children’s home and school for missionaries’ children, and for God’s intervention in world events. His prayers were answered at the last minute, but they were answered every time. He prayed until he climbed up in faith, which sometimes took hours, then he knew when he had the victory and he rejoiced that it was done. All he had to do after that was wait for it to materialize. And it always did when he had God’s word on something. He wouldn’t pray about something until he knew what God’s will was in the matter.

Patrick went to train with Aaron Tuesday and Wednesday morning. He had this to say on Facebook:

“My day started with only a 30g protein bar, an Energy Fury, and little less than two hours of sleep. (Also I am still fighting off a mild sickness) Followed by running a mile and a half (with a recovering leg tendon) to my MA Teachers house; he led me through USMC’s basic PT test, followed by unarmed combat, staff, and escrima sticks for several hours. Finally I ran that 1.5 miles back home. Then I went out to catch some sun while I practiced Bo staff. After that, I went to the gym to hit the weights and practice form. We closed it down at 10:00 PM. And that was my day.”

He is working so hard. We’re not sure what he’s training for exactly, but he’s going to be ready for it.

Shawn and Patrick went to a Mongolian Barbeque with Aaron on Wednesday. That was a fun, cross-cultural experience for them. They liked the food. They got to choose which foods and sauces they wanted and then the chef stir-fried everything for them.

The youngest four have been excited to re-discover Math Blaster and Jumpstart online and have been playing it on the computer this week. It has been difficult to schedule time on the computer even though we have four of them online. We also have lots of playing of Webkinz now that Emma and Abby each have new Webkinz pets. They actually play on Webkinz Jr.

Anna is at the home of her friend from church trying on her poodle skirt and learning a 50’s dance for a surprise party for a special person at church. I can’t wait to see her in her poodle skirt!

I took the “Middles” to Family Dollar to get some candy as a reward for finishing their school work.

This weekend will be spiritually enriching. Shawn and Katie will be going to a Messianic synagogue with our friend, Lisa. Then they will go with her to a self-defense class that she is going to do a presentation for. It will involve teaching Hindus self-defense! And Shawn is going to be her simulated mugger.

While they are doing that, Gary, Patrick, Morgan, and Garrett will be at a Men’s Breakfast at church. We have been told that the speaker is very good and witty and should be able to keep even Garrett’s attention. He’s excited because he wants to drink coffee.

We are praying together at 6:00 every night. We are pressing in for our own home, our own land, a farm. We also have others who are praying with us at that time for us to enter our Promised Land and for them to enter theirs, too. We pray for them and they pray for us.

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