What’s in the Bible?

I feel that God has shown me the way to teach my kids about Him in a way that will cause them to know that He is real. I have been careful to only do things that will show them that God is real and the Bible is true, not a book of fairy tales or fantasy. I have guarded against a religious spirit that could cause them to do things outwardly that seem to be Christian while leaving their hearts untouched. I have prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to show my children how much God loves them and how real He is. I want them to realize that the spiritual world is more real than this natural world that we live in.

I believe that the What’s in the Bible series of DVD’s from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, which gives an overview of what the whole Bible is about, are a great tool to help me reach these objectives. They fit in with my desire to help my kids understand that we are to take the Bible literally and apply the lessons to our lives. In these videos, Phil Vischer tackles some tough topics and explains them in a way that children (and adults!) can understand. They are really good for the whole family to watch together and learn the “Big Ideas” of the Bible and the broad scope of God’s plan of Salvation. Even parents will probably learn things that they didn’t know and gain understanding that they didn’t have before.

We are always amazed at Phil’s talent and versatility. He does the voices for ALL of the characters. And there are a bunch of them! I verified this by sending an email to Phil, and he answered me himself. I asked if he did ALL of the voices, and his answer was “Yep!” So there you have it. From the horse’s mouth, as they say.

We only have the first 7 videos right now, but the kids really enjoy them and have learned a lot from them. So I plan to get all of them in the future.

You can find the DVD’s here at 20% off at their website.

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