Patrick in Training

Patrick likes to do things differently. We have about 4 kinds of cakes that we make for each birthday party. So I asked Patrick what kind of cake he wanted. He said, “Let’s try something different.” So he looked through a cookbook and said, “I want cheesecake.” Cheesecake?!!! I’ve never made cheesecake. Well, when Patrick asks for something I try to make it happen. So I made cheesecake. It actually turned out pretty good. It was kind of soupy at first, but it tasted good. The first one was devoured at the birthday party. We refrigerated the second one overnight, and it was perfect. The symbol made out of strawberries on the first one was the Halo 2 symbol. That’s a video game that the kids and Gary and lots of their online friends like to play together. Katie arranged the strawberries for me, and she came up with that idea.

We had two actual guests come to our party! They were friends from our new church we just started going to. Patrick met a guy named Aaron who knows all kinds of martial arts the first Sunday we visited Northwest Believers Church. The following week he started training with him. He has been so blessed by his training sessions even though he gets beat up! He loves it! I’ll never understand boys. So we invited Aaron and his sister Lisa to Patrick’s birthday party. The cheesecakes were still baking when they arrived, so I laughingly told them to play some party games while they waited. They all got a light in their eyes and set everybody up with controllers, and our birthday party turned into a Halo party!

After everybody got all set up, I said, “Hey, that’s not what I meant. Where’s the Pin the Tail on the Donkey?” They all just ignored me.

Emma and Abby are not playing Halo. They played Webkinz Jr. with their new Webkinz puppies.

These four played upstairs. The other four played downstairs. And 8 other people joined the party online. So they had 16 people playing at one time.

Gary and I went and got Arby’s sandwiches for everybody. When we got back the game was over, and we started the festivities.

Our two guests!

Morgan is growing so fast, I told him to wear his tux every chance he gets before he grows out of it. So he dressed up for the occasion!

Yes, we know how to throw a party at our house!

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