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UPDATE: This e-book is no longer free, but it is still available on Amazon for 3.99! You can get it here.

I have another FREE e-book I want to give you this month. I wrote this book to help homeschool moms understand some key concepts about how children learn and ways that we can take advantage of their strengths and make learning easy for them instead of throwing obstacles in their way. I’ve seen many homeschool moms that are so excited about teaching their children, and they want to make sure they are doing everything just right, so they do what they remember from school, and they burn themselves and their kids out.

In this book, I have explained a few principles of child development that will help moms to know what they should be expecting of their children and the best ways to support and challenge them as they endeavor to learn skills and concepts as they become ready for them. I also cover homeschooling and marriage and how homeschooling fits into your family life. And I share lots of links with more information on the topics I cover in the book.

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The e-course that my son and I put together by the same title covers the same topics and more in a lot more depth. You can find it here.

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If you’re planning your American History curriculum for next year, check out this great booklist for living books about American History!

Now I want to turn to another topic and talk about prodigals returning.

It’s hard for parents not to feel like they have done something wrong when one of their children walks away from the ways of the Lord. When I was asking the Lord about this, He told me that I had done the best I could do. I taught my children the ways of the Lord and led them to Jesus. I set up boundaries when they lived at my house. I showed them where the fences are. Whether they chose to stay within those fences after they left, it was up to them. Their choices are not my responsibility. It is up to them what they choose to do after I have done all I could do to lay a good foundation.

So that takes away the shame and blame that many parents feel. But what should parents do during the interim? Should we just hope and pray or do deep intercession for them? Obviously we need to keep loving them and letting them know that we love them. But is there more that we can do?

If you want to see an example of a mother who refused to let the enemy keep her child in his grip, check out Karen Wheaton’s book, Watching the Road: Praying Your Prodigal Home. Her persistence in praying and holding her prodigal daughter’s situation before the Lord constantly, praying without ceasing even as she lived her regular life, was extraordinary. Night and day she prayed for her daughter. She made up her mind that she was going to pray until she saw her daughter return. And her labor in prayer paid off! Her daughter returned to God and her family and her ministry.

Another encouraging word about prodigals comes from Pastor Tim Sheets. His message is “Prodigals – Come Home!” He shares prophetic dreams and scriptures, how we can pray, and how to hold onto hope for your prodigals to come home.

He and his daughter, Rachel, wrote a book called “Come Home: Pray, Prophesy, and Proclaim God’s Promises Over Your Prodigal”  which includes messages, decrees, and prayers to increase your faith to call your prodigal home.

Rumble video of Tim Sheets talking about Prodigals – Come Home!

You can get the book by Karen Wheaton here: Watching the Road: Praying Your Prodigal Home

Here’s the description on Amazon:
“In Watching the Road, Karen unveils her extraordinary journey of trusting God for the return of her prodigal daughter, Lindsey. Watching from her porch with eyes of faith and a heart of hope, Karen cried out to God for Lindsey’s return. In miraculous ways, God daily reaffirmed the promises He gave personally to Karen that Lindsey would be restored to her marriage and family. Watching the Road will stir your faith, strengthen your resolve, and provide strategic tactics for your journey. Experience the struggle and thrill of one woman’s determination to not give up but tenaciously trust God to fulfill His promises. As you’ll see, He kept every single one.”

YouTube video of Karen Wheaton talking about this story:
Karen Wheaton: Praying Your Prodigal Home

YouTube video of a message by Karen’s daughter, the one who had left her husband and children and ministry:
Lindsey Doss: The Return of the Prodigal

I hope this encourages you if you do have a prodigal child. It’s time for them to come home to God and to their families!

Let’s all combine our faith together that our children will be all that God made them to be and will find their calling and purpose and fulfill His plans for their lives.


Penney Douglas, B.S. in Elem. Ed.

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