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Secrets of Antarctica

US Navy confirms “warm, mineral-rich oasis” exists on the other side of Antarctica’s ice wall.

This is exactly the location, from which no pictures have left on the Internet.

📜 Some people say that the region is constantly warm and has green meadows

What is Socialism?

Earthquake Device? For what purpose?

The Vaccine Problem

Who is Michael Cohen – really???

Finally a nation is telling the obvious truth!


Could we really end the FED?


It looks like it’s a possibility!


Be like Louisiana – Just say NO to the WEF


Trump’s Inauguration Speech was YUUUGE!!!




Human meat in McDonald’s Food???

Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat
Factory. McDonald’s history is not a good one, and fast food restaurants already are known to have a lot of mystery ingredients, but this tops the list. Previously we brought you a report that detaileddisturbing audio
admissions by a man that claimed McDonald’s uses human meat as a filler in their 100% beef hamburgers and the fact thatMcDonald’s has
been accused of using worm meat fillers
Now, inspectors have allegedly found human meat and horse meat in the freezer’s of an Oklahoma City McDonald’s meat factory. Human meat was also recovered in several trucks that were on their way to deliver the patties to the fast food restaurants. According to various reports, authorities have inspected factories and restaurants across the country and have found human meat in 90% of the locations. Horse meat was found in 65% of the locations.





This is how the elites are using us

This is why the CIA killed Gaddafi




Why is Autism increasing astronomically?

We interrupt this program for the filming of the moon landing-


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