Just Start Writing

            Just start writing!!!

                            Huge opal at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Wow! I have been inspired to create lately! I knew an accountability session was coming up in a coaching group I’m in, so I thought I’d better look again at my goals and try to get some of them done. Do you ever do that? Thank goodness for accountability. I saw that I had said I would make a copywork journal for homeschool students. So I opened up Canva and started figuring out how to make a copywork journal. It started flowing, and I worked on it all day and had it finished by the end of the day. It’s here on Amazon.

Then today, I looked at my goals again and saw that I had said I would write a journal to go with one of the books I wrote, the book called “Short, Powerful Prayers for Busy Homeschool Moms”. I put some thought to how I wanted to do it and realized that it’s going to involve just adding lined pages to the prayer book in its original form. Gary can do that for me when we get back to a place where we can set up our desktops in our own home someday.

So then I looked at the next thing on my list and saw another journal – I’m really into making journals right now! I was kind of unclear on what kind of journal I wanted to design. I had seen some journal pages by a Facebook friend, and they inspired me. In fact, I had a great epiphany in the shower about how I wanted to design my next journal. But when I got back to my laptop, I couldn’t remember what it was!

So I just started thinking about any kind of journal I could make. Then I remembered that I had considered making a journal to go along with the book I wrote called, “5 Steps to Becoming a Great Homeschool Parent”. So I just started creating in Canva, and next thing I knew I was writing and writing about why homeschooling is so great, and how we should do it so that it’s a joy and not drudgery by making it a learning adventure for the whole family.

So I finished writing my 5 Steps Journal today. I’ll have Gary finish that up for me, too, and publish it on Amazon. I’m glad I just started writing!

Getting out of that house that had so much pressure hanging over our heads seems to have broken the dam that was holding back my creativity. Or maybe it’s this great Airbnb that we’re staying in. Or maybe just the change of scenery. Maybe it was the trip to the museum…

Whatever it is, I’m thankful for the burst of creativity.

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