Safe Haven Newsletter for April

Hello Safe Haven Family!

Coming to you from a lovely Airbnb in downtown Houston. God has blessed us with the sweetest place

while we wait for the next amazing adventure and His miraculous provision.

As Kristene DiMarco says in her song “Take Courage”:

“Take courage, my heart, stay steadfast my soul,
He’s in the waiting. Hold onto your hope. Watch your triumph unfold. He’s never failing.” 

He’s here with us in the waiting. Waiting is so hard. It’s actually a form of suffering. My husband and I have spent most of our lives waiting. But we have faith that God is going to bring us into our Promised Land. We are waiting for a home of our own, for a ministry that reaches families and children, and the resources to make all of this happen. We have big dreams and big plans. The Lord told me a couple of years ago to think bigger. And later He told me to dream bigger.

Then an opportunity to invest came along, and we were told to write down our plans and dreams. So we have been doing that for the last several months. We had always prayed specifically for the things that we wanted for our family. But now our prayers and dreams expanded to how we could touch lots of other people. Now we are ready to launch. Whenever the investment pays off, we will step into a whole new world.

We pray for that for each one of you, too. In fact, I encourage you to start writing down your dreams and desires that you would love to do if money were no object. I believe that we are coming into a time where you will have more money and less drains on your money. Write down your ideal life. Make a list of the people and organizations you want to bless. Write out how you will help humanity and use your gifts and talents that you have put to the side because you were so busy working. Write out your most ridiculous, ludicrous dreams that you never thought were possible. The personal things and the things you want to do to help others.

“Faith for the impossible is not just a nice concept; it’s an essential tool for living in these times.” –  Jodie Hughes

Courage and faith are so necessary in these times. Don’t let fear control you. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and trust Him with all your heart. No matter what is happening in the world or in your personal life, keep it in the forefront of your mind that this will not last forever. Things are going to get better.

I can’t prove it, but I believe that God is going to take us into a better time than we have ever experienced. His people will be blessed in ways that they’ve never imagined. I’ve heard prophecies, and I’ve seen signs that corruption in the high places of government, business, medicine, and education is being cleaned up. All we have to do is wait a little longer and keep trusting God to take care of us and our families in the interim.

In the meantime, we are enjoying our time here as a vacation. We went to the Museum of Natural Science. We really enjoyed it.


And our son Morgan is spoiling us with gourmet meals every day. Breakfast and dinner!


Waiting with anticipation and hope,

In His Grace and Truth,

Penney Douglas, B.S. in Ed

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