Are You Happy with Your Homeschooling?

Dear Homeschool Mama,

How are you doing? Really. Is homeschooling as good as you thought it would be? Do you feel like your kids are getting the best education they can get? Do you feel like your family is thriving with homeschooling?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, I have something that will help you.

I have 25 years of experience homeschooling my 10 children. I LOVE homeschooling. I still have another 5 years or so of educating my children at home. And I don’t want it to ever end!

I have graduated 6 students from homeschooling. They all have jobs, and some have started families.

And I’m still homeschooling my 4 youngest children.

So, you might say I’m an expert in homeschooling. I’ve learned how to keep on homeschooling all the way through, with your relationships intact and your nerves unfrayed.

Well, I have written an e-course to help you to relax your homeschool and to free yourself from fear.


This course will help you to gain confidence in your ability to teach your children. Go from overwhelmed to peaceful. From feeling lost to feeling capable. From fearful and insecure to confident.

My dream for you is that you enjoy homeschooling your children. In this course I share techniques and approaches that will help you do that. Here’s a tip: If you let your children know how much you love them and provide resources to help them learn, you will find that the experience is beneficial to the whole family.

Please check out this course, and see if it is what you need to adjust, tweak, or completely overhaul your homeschool routine/method/mindset.

Here is a video that describes the course in more detail.

And this is where you can go to sign up for the course.


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