The Question of Immunity

How come the only immunity that’s honored these days is the immunity of the elites from their own mandates and Big Pharma’s immunity from liability for adverse reactions from vaccines?

We are considered weak and helpless with no natural immunity from disease, no ability to fight infection or illness, without some kind of vaccine or magic pill manufactured by Big Pharma.

That is not true. We have a wonderful immune system, given to us by God. Has everyone forgotten? We can do things to boost our immune system. There are specific things we can do against the big, scary virus and variants. We can take:

D3 – 10,000 IU
K2 – 100 mg
Zinc Picolinate or Zinc gluconate – 50 mg
Quercetin – 500 mg
NAC – 500 mg
Vit C – 2000-3000 mg

And Dr. Zelenko, who helped President Trump through covid, has a product called Z-Stack that puts it all together, so that you only have to take two capsules a day to boost your immune system. That’s the only kind of booster I’ll take!

You can find it here:


As far as the legislators and CEO’s making mandates, but not having to follow them themselves, that’s bogus!!! If they make rules for us, they should have to abide by them, too. They think they are superior and above the law, but that is not what the Constitution says.

So don’t obey their mandates. “Rules for thee, but not for me.” No way!

The mandates are unreasonable and not backed by science. Just do your own research and find out what true science says about the contagion level, and then check out the statistics of actual number of total deaths in 2020 compared to other years.

Also, keep in mind that hospitals were paid more money for listing covid as a cause of death on death certificates. The patient could have died of anything, but if they also had covid, they were considered a covid death. Doctors and hospitals were paid to call everything covid. Suspicious, if you ask me. The tests are unreliable. Look that up, too. Even the guy who developed the test said they were being used incorrectly.

Talk about boosting! They boosted the numbers of covid cases and deaths to make it seem far worse than it was. They want to boost numbers and give everyone booster vaccines, but they never mention boosting our immune systems! Why?

Immunity and Boosting – two terms they refuse to come to terms with!

There is so much twisting of definitions among the medical establishment and the legislators. They are not looking out for our best interests. So in the interest of public safety and health, I’m telling you, you better start looking out for your own best interests!

Consider yourself warned. And do what’s best for yourself and your family. This is what we need to be spreading. Truth and solutions. Immunity and Boosting!

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