Suffering from Bipolar Disorder

If you or someone you love is suffering from bipolar disorder, there is help. You can be set free, not just medicated or suffering in silence and shame. In a book called “Bipolar to Beloved: A Journey from Mental Illness to Freedom”, Lynn Eldridge shares her story of overcoming mental illness, and she passes on hope to others that they can do the same.

From the Amazon description:


Hope, freedom, and a radically changed life are possible!

In this gripping, raw true story that will keep you turning the pages, author Lynn Eldridge shares her 35-year struggle of numbing the pain of rejection and generational mental illness through various addictions. Lynn’s clever wit, looks, and feigned control seemed to get her out of trouble much of the time. However, the consequences became more perilous with the company she kept, and she needed to make some changes…

Lynn shares her journey of seeking help and change for more than 20 years despite having suicidal thoughts multiple times. Little did she know that she could be set free of all disorders, addictions, and her diagnosis with the power of the love from the One true God through an approach she had never heard as a lifelong church goer.

After a radical transformation, 10 years of freedom and blessing, and helping dozens of others find freedom, through what she learned, Lynn has penned her journey to pass along hope and transformation to you and your loved ones. You will be amazed at how her different her life is today being beloved.”

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Bipolar to Beloved

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