Spontaneous Motivation



Shawn and I talked about what spontaneous motivation means.

Being motivated now in the present and moving on it, not waiting for a better, or 
 what would seem a more fortuitous, time to get started. The reality is
now is always the best time to get started. 
It doesn’t mean you get started right smack in the middle of everything or 
at the end of everything. You don’t start thinking that you’re already gonna be
able to do a perfect product or have a perfect day or whatever, but you
decide that today is going to be a better day than yesterday. You decide
that you’re setting a foundation, you’re preparing, and you’re putting stuff
together. You’re structuring stuff together to really go in the direction you’re
wanting to go with your life. Today is a fresh slate if you want it to
be, and you can decide, “Do I really like where my life is going?”


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