Spontaneous, Serendipitous, Sporadic Homeschooling

It’s good to plan your days and your homeschooling days and maybe even year. But a lot of learning happens accidentally. Or unexpectedly. Or differently from the way you planned it.

A lot of it will happen in a spontaneous, serendipitous, sporadic way. And that’s the best way. The learning sticks better when it’s real. It automatically applies to their interests and what catches their attention, so it goes deeper and makes a bigger impression. So don’t think you have to be all organized, planned, structured, and have it all together to do homeschool right. Your style may be more like mine. And it works! But make sure your kids do okay that way, too. Adapt to your kids. If they need more structure because of a learning preference, then you may need to go against your own preferences and do what your kids need.

But sometimes life takes our choices and options away. Then you have to adjust the best that you can. And God will help you to do it in the way that works best for your family.

Watch this video about this subject here:


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