Relaxed Homeschooling – How Can You Tell if They’re Really Learning?

If you think that you may be too structured in your homeschool, if you are worn out and your kids hate homeschool, if you’re tempted to put your kids on the big yellow school bus, you may need to relax your homeschooling approach.

I use relaxed homeschooling. I have found that it works so much better for me. It is sustainable and enjoyable. I don’t fight the kids to do their work every day. I don’t use artificial means to try to get them to learn skills that they will need in the future.

We take advantage of teachable moments. We learn from real life situations that come up. We learn because of needs that we have. We learn what we really want to know about.

Watch these 2 videos about how you can tell if they’re really learning when you use a relaxed homeschooling approach.



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Resources mentioned in the videos:

Rhea Perry – Educating For Success – http://www.educatingforsuccess.com/

Homeschool Mindset with Bethany Ishee – http://bethanyishee.com/



  1. I like hearing from you and your son about homeschooling. I find it very inspiring and anointed! Thank you for taking the time to share.

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