Shakespeare Study with Morgan

Morgan found the book I conveniently placed on the table during Poetry Teatime today! He brought it to me and asked if I got it from the library. I did. He was all excited. I said, “I also have this” and showed him the CD’s that go along with the book.


Thus began my Shakespeare study with Morgan.

We read and listened to Hamlet from the book and CD by Charles and Mary Lamb called Tales from Shakespeare.

This is a paraphrased retelling of 20 of Shakespeare’s plays.

We only listened to Hamlet tonight. I am reserving the Signet Classic book of the complete play at the library. I plan to read it with him as soon as it comes in.

That should be fun. Morgan is so theatrical and loves all things British. So I’m looking forward to some great times of reading aloud and enjoying his British accent and flourishes as only Morgan can do them.

I have been waiting all this time for a kid who wants to study Shakespeare. Finally.

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