Weekly Wrap-Up Featuring Turtles! 9/29 – 10/3

Patrick has a job as a pool guy – correction: a chemical analysis engineer – and he found a turtle in a pool and rescued it and brought it home. The next day he found another turtle in a pool and brought it home.

So now we have two turtles! Timothy and Tammy. Katie keeps making arduous trips to the lake to get more water for them in their tank. We don’t trust our tap water. They seem to be doing well. The little girls love them and talk to them. I heard Emma talking to them after she got in trouble this morning. I think they must have calmed her down, because she seems to be behaving better now. The turtles must be “Emma Whisperers”!

And here they are!

Katie says they are Red-eared Sliders. She has been researching them to find out about their feeding and care needs.

I’m glad she’s doing it because I have been busy with other things. Like keeping everybody moving along in their studies.

And calling repairmen about appliance breakdowns. And helping with jumping car batteries. And going to church just about every day for noon prayer or services. I feel like I don’t do much until I start writing it down!

Well, speaking of keeping everybody moving in their studies, I need to start reading a book about Winston Churchill to Morgan and Kelsey.

Oh, speaking of Morgan and Kelsey – Shawn has been taking Kelsey to the YMCA where she has taken up swimming laps by the hundreds again. And Morgan is taking violin lessons now. He had his third lesson yesterday. He learns violin from Mike Rovak, while Anna learns piano and ear training from Mary Rovak.

And Morgan has started lifting weights with his dad at the YMCA.

Busy, busy, busy! No wonder my head is spinning! Today Shawn and I are trying to get Patrick’s new Camaro ready so Shawn can take the driving test in it. Everything works fine except for the horn!

So this wrap-up kind of covers stuff from last week and this week, but who’s keeping track? 🙂


Just had to add this:

Morgan was helping Abby with her Math while he worked on his Wordly Wise Vocabulary workbook. I’m so proud of him!

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