Weekly Wrap-up 9/26

I did several learning activities with Kelsey and Morgan, Garrett and Fiona, and Emma and Abby.

“All” of the 6 kids are doing CTC Math. Kelsey decided she was going back to the Teaching Textbook workbook. But the others are supposed to be doing CTC Math online every day. I get a report on Sundays telling me who did what. It keeps them moving along in their Math. Emma has done the most lessons.

Kelsey and Morgan have been listening to me read a book about Corrie ten Boom. We finished it last week. It was the third book we have read that took place during World War 2. We read “Lillie’s Crossing”, “Number the Stars”, and we just finished “Corrie ten Boom” by YWAM Books written by Janet and Geoff Benge. By reading these books, we have been covering World War 2 in a gentle way.


You can find the Corrie ten Boom book here on Amazon.

With Emma and Abby, I read the book, “The Dog Who Had Kittens”.




We used activity pages from 1+1+1=1. Abby did some pattern work and Emma did story sequencing. They both answered comprehension questions about the story, and they both did great!


This shows them watching the video curriculum that goes with Dolphin Tale 2. It’s available for free from Homeschool Movie Club when you register on their site. We watched the movie at the theater 2 weeks ago.


Emma and Abby have been learning a little about fractions. So when I cut the apple pie, we did a review. I cut the pie one time and asked them what each piece was now called, how much of the pie was each piece. They knew that it was a half. Then I cut across the other way and asked what the pieces were now. They counted how many pieces and knew that they were fourths. Then I cut them again both ways across and they counted the pieces again and knew they were eighths. Then we each ate an eighth of the pie! In the picture, I had already served up my slice of the pie.


And this was Story Time with Kelsey. Everybody loves Garfield. They all love comics, in general. Even I like Garfield. But I never read comics to them. I let them do that on their own.

On Thursday, we finally got out in nature. I had been wanting to go take a walk in a nice, wooded park for a long time, but it was too hot, or it was raining. Thursday was perfect, so I loaded up Garrett, Anna, Emma and Abby, and we went to Stephen F. Austin State Park about a half hour from our house. We had a wonderful time there hiking the trails. Anna ran on a different trail. She saw a bunch of deer. We saw an ARMADILLO! It was the first real, live armadillo I’ve ever seen. We heard it rustling the tall grass, and Garrett was actually able to snap some pictures of it.

Armadillo 1

Armadillo 2

Click on the pictures to enlarge, and you can see his head in one picture and his armored back in the other. Click again and you can really see him well.

Garrett took some other pictures from our nature walk.







Patrick found a turtle in one of the pools he cleaned, so he brought it home, and we’ve been taking care of it. His name is Timothy.

Patrick's turtle (1)

We had a busy week, and I was happy to get some nature study in. And to get us out in nature to study it!

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